After accidentally dropping the Honor 8, couple of times, I finally decided to get a cover and found the Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover on Amazon. I got this Flip cover for Rs. 499 – the original price was Rs. 1,099. Check this review to know more.

The Ceego Wallet Flip cover is made of faux leather (artificial leather), quality is very good, looks premium and it even comes with reverse twist point stitching on all edges. This flip cover provides full protection to the honor 8, in fact it completely hides the honor 8. Though it gets a little heavier.

Reason why I got this Flip cover for Honor 8

I have been using the honor 8 for quite some time. I had in fact accidentally dropped the handset coupled of times and each for these drops has left a mark on the handset. Luckily the damage was minimal. Honor 8 survived drops from 2 feet to 4 feet height – a lot depends on ground type, the area on the handset that took the first hit, and a lot of other factors.

Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover for Honor 8 review

There is 1 scratch, 3 minor ignore-able dents and 2 cracks on the upper side of the 2.5D curved screen. The cracks are minor and the cracks are internal.

Hence I wanted a cover to provide protection. The honor 8 is also quite slippery because of glass on the back.

Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover for Honor 8 with credit card / wallet options


The Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover covers the handset completely. There is a silicon case inside, that is attached to the flip cover, you need to place the honor 8 into the case. The silicon case itself covers the handset completely from the side and back.

Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover for Honor 8 silicon case

With the honor 8 intact you can close the cover / open and use as and when needed. There are openings for all the important features like finger print sensor, camera, ports etc. This flip cover also comes with magnetic clasp lock that will secure the handset. There are options on the flip cover as you can see in the image above – you can store credit cards, cash etc.

Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover for Honor 8 faux leather

This is a ordinarily cover and does nothing, i.e there is no activity when you open or close the flip cover. Since I am using finger print sensor security I need to unlock using finger print and then open the flip cover for quick access.

Drop this from 2 to 5 feet height, probably even more and it will protect the handset.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

A very good buy in case you are using the Hone 8 handset and have dropped it at some point of time. You can still buy this for a really good overall 360 degrees protection.

Ceego Luxuria Wallet Flip Cover for Honor 8 is available for Rs. 499.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -