BSNL has now launched another tablet called the TPad IS703C which comes with a 1 GHz cortex A8 processor with 1GB RAM and internal memory of 8 GB. The specifications are similar to other low cost tabs and this tab does come with a capacitive touchscreen.

BSNL has also increased the price of TPAD IS701R which now comes for Rs. 3,999. This really doesn’t make any sense as there are a lot of issue with the 701R tab including a very slow delivery process. Increasing the cost makes it even worse.

The BSNL T-Pad IS703C 7 thankfully comes with a capacitive touchscreen and runs on Android 4.0 a.k.a. ICS OS.  This tablet is Wi-Fi enabled but does not support internal 3G instead you can use an external Dongle (required Dongle) for 3G / 2G connectivity.

Other features are a 0.3 MP (VGA) front camera, HDMI port, microSD card support (32 GB) and G-Sensor.  The exact CPU /  GPU specs is not known but BSNL claims you can play games, read ebook, watch movies (1080p), check you emails and browser websites.

TPad IS703C from BSNL- Penta

This is good entry level tablet from BSNL with decent features. As with other tab this BSNL T-Pad IS703C comes with BSNL offer wherein you get free usage of 7.5 GB for 90 days with monthly plan of just Rs. 83.33 plus one time plan activation charges of Rs. 30.

BSNL T-Pad IS703C 7 inch tablet with ICS

BSNL T-Pad IS703C tablet is priced at Rs, 6,999 with 1 year warrant. Though the specs looks quite convincing, I doubt if consumers would really want to go for it especially when they many had a bitter experience with the low cost BSNL tab, the pathetic customer service and super slow delivery process. If you want to buy this tab you need to pre-book it (there is no buy now option), so proceed only if you don’t mind, waiting.

CPU: Cortex A8 clocked at 1 GHz
GPU: Unknown
Internal Memory: 8 GB
Camera: Front VGA
Others: Wi-Fi, external 3G support, HDMI port.
Battery: Unknown


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