The Bluboo D1 is a low cost quad core powered smartphone that comes with dual cameras on the back. Now before you fall for any low cost dual camera phones makes sure to check the full specs, this one does not support 4G.

Today many users are using Jio SIM that needs 4G. Any handset without 4G support will not be of much interest. There are a few who would not mind it but the key attraction of Bluboo D1 is the dual cameras of 8MP + 2MP on the back.

Unfortunately the camera performance was equally disappointing. Bluboo D1 is powered by MediaTek MTK6580A quad core processor with Mali 400 GPU. Hardware is not that powerful. screen is 5 inches with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, quality is okay and viewing angles are not that good.

Bluboo D1 review

Android Nougat runs out of the box, definitely an advantage, there is 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM – good enough and when it comes to battery there is a 2600 mAh removable battery. The back cover can be removed and it is made of metal.

Bluboo D1 dual SIM slot

Coming to the camera quality, I was expecting it to be a little better with dual camera modules. If you have seen dual camera phone wide aperture mode that captures with Bokeh effect, well on this D1 it is not even close, in fact quality is not even close to single camera phones.

Bluboo D1 dual cameras

Rear / Front Camera Sample

Bluboo D1 rear camera sample leaves Bluboo D1 rear camera sample hydrant Bluboo D1 rear camera sample hydrant SLR mode Bluboo D1 rear camera sample leaf SLR mode Bluboo D1 rear camera sample tree Bluboo D1 rear camera sample tree SLR Bluboo D1 rear camera sample night Bluboo D1 rear camera sample HDR long shot Bluboo D1 front camera sample selfie

So overall the handset is not that powerful, camera quality is bad (just look at the sample images) and handset does not support 4G. Good point is that the D1 runs Android Nougat out of the box. Battery life is decent.

Bluboo D1 metal body

This handset also comes with a finger print sensor that is slow and does work.


Ignore it, no 4G and not worth spending on the dual cameras.

Bluboo D1 Price $80 (approx Rs. 5K).

Rating 2 out of 5

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -