The BlitzWolf BW-P1 is a power bank that houses a 10,400 mAh battery and is qualcomm certified – quick charge 2.0 adopting QC 2.0 standards. BlitzWolf 10400mAh power bank is available for a price tag of $24.99.

BlitzWolf 10400 PB Unboxing
Box pack content : Power Bank, data cable, user guide and warranty card.

Just like the other power banks the BlitzWolf 10400mAh PB is also packed inside an aluminum shell (silver colored). Build quality and finishing is very good. The PB has got curvy sides and flat top and bottom part is made of plastic. Weight is 274 grams.

On one flat end you will find the specifications and on the other end battery indicator button, 4 LEDs, micro USB port and standard 1x USB port. There are 4 LED’s that will light up when you press the battery indicator button – 1 LED =25% battery, 2 LED’s = 50% battery, 3 LED’s = 75% battery and 4 LED’s = 100% battery level.

BlitzWolf BW-P1 10400 mAh power bank unboxing

This BlitzWolf Power Bank Model BW-P1 is using 4 x 2600 mAh capacity batteries (LG make) that adds up to 10,400 mAh. Input is 5V ~ 2A, you can use Quick Charge 2.0 certified charger to charge this power bank faster. Output is 5V ~ 2.1A/2.4A, 9V ~ 1.8A and 12V ~ 1.35A.

BlitzWolf BW-P1 10400 mAh (2600 mAh x 4 batteries) and specs

Just to give you an idea about QC 2.0 – a conventional charger will charge to 15% in 30 minutes, quick charge 1.0 will charge 30% in 30 minutes and quick charge 2.0 will charge 60% in 30 minutes.

BlitzWolf BW-P1 10400 button, led, micro USB port and 1x USB port

The BlitzWolf power bank is highly efficient that works at low temperature, it comes with output current, short circuit, over charger and discharge protections. This device will automatically identify your device and charge accordingly.

BlitzWolf BW-P1 10400 mAh power bank review

I was able to charge my Lenovo Zuk Z1 smartphone with fast charging support for up to 2x times. The time taken for a full charge was almost similar to using the power adapter.

It took me 8 hours to fully charge the BlitzWolf 10400 mAh power bank from 0 to 4 Led’s using 5V ~ 2A charger.

If you are using a smartphone that supports quick charge 2.0 and are looking to buy a power bank, the qualcomm certified BlitzWolf 10400 mAh with quick charger 2.0 support is a very good option, this will give you the same fast charging capabilities, on the move. It is available on website for $24,99. Shipping (standard) is free.

Buy the BlitzWolf BW-P1 power bank for $24.99.

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