The much talked about BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will finally be released tomorrow on Feb 21st 2012. BlackBerry Playbook users (New and Existing) will be able to update the OS tomorrow which should be an effortless process.

The 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook failed to create an impact in the Indian markets. It was the price tag and the BlackBerry OS that kept most of the consumers away. The price no doubt was too high, as far the OS was concerned new users who never used a BlackBerry phone before were not soon keen as the OS worked only with BB phones.

And then RIM dropped the price. The BlackBerry Playbook is now available for a price starting from Rs. 13,490 onwards. The price drop may have helped improved the sales figure.  The BB OS had its own limitation, limited apps, no email support, and depended on BlackBerry smartphones.

With the BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 OS hopefully things will change. The BB Playbook 2.0 OS will come with native email and contacts client which means that you can still use BlackBerry Playbook even if you are not using a BlackBerry phone. Furthermore the new OS version will also allow users to run Android apps natively.

Download and update the BlackBerry PlayBook OS  version 2.0
BlackBerry PlayBook OS version 2.0

Another interesting feature is the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion which will help manage BB smartphones, playbook tablets, Android devices and Apple devices from a single interface.

Source : engadget

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -