PM Modi today launched the BHIM app (Bharat Interface for Money). This is similar to what PayTM and other cashless payment apps do, however this one will be more advanced as it is linked with Aadhaar

The BHIM app is now available on Android. This app can be used to receive / send money from / to  anyone – your friends, family, customer etc. Money can be transferred to non UPI banks too. One can check their bank balance on the go. Users can create custom payment address along with a associated phone number.

QR codes are supported, Merchants can print the code and customers can scan the code and made payments. For now maximum  10,000 per transaction is allowed and users can spend max Rs. 20,000 per day (within 24 hours).

BHIM app aadhaar based online payment

BHIM app named after Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (B. R. Ambedkar) is the future, empowering small traders, farmers etc. It will work online / offline (net connection not required) and one can make payments by simply scanning their finger print / or other biometric method linked with Aadhaar.

You can download the BHIM app from Google Play.