The AuraVR is another VR device available in the India market. What makes it different is that it is made of plastic and comes with a head band with adjustable strap. This VR is available on and on website for ₹650.

Box pack
Inside the box you will get the VR headset and head strap. There is no assembling required, just attach the head strap and start using it.

The AuraVR is made of plastic and it’s a made in India product. It is using good quality plastic but finishing could have been better, nevertheless for this price you can ignore that. This VR will definitely last longer than the cardboard VR, these are more reliable and durable.

Attach the head strap to get a hands free VR experience. I have used the OnePlus Cardboard, you need to hold the device but with Aura VR you can go hands free, it is an added advantage.

AuraVR review

The VR also comes with a magnetic trigger that will work only with smartphones with magnetic sensors. It is advisable to go for the VR headset only if your smartphones supports magnetic and gyro sensors for a good 360 degree VR experience.

When you attach the handset there is a sponge inside that will secure the smartphone, prevent it from slipping out – you will also need to lock the front white rectangular cap. It is easier to lock it but not that easy to unlock it, they should have used an easier locking system. You can use any smartphone with up to 6 inch screen.

The Velcro head strap is adjustable, check video review on how to attach it.

AuraVR head strap for hands free experience

You will need to download the VR app, install it, run it and align the reference line on your smartphone with the VR after attaching the phone to the VR headset. You can also check for more recommended VR apps on the website.

When compared with the OnePlus cardboard the Aura VR was slightly better.

Another affordable VR headset that is made of plastic and made in India. If you want to experience virtual reality using your smartphone and want something reliable that will last for a longer time, you can go in for the AuraVR.

The AuraVR is available on for ₹650.

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  1. Sir, Snapdeal selling a new aura vr headset for 800 after discount, the design is cool but it looks peculiar, it looks like phone will fall from the sides, any suggestions? Can I go for it.

  2. Hi shobho/rana,
    I am based at Bangalore n planning to buy VR headset for my Nubia z9 mini phone so
    1. firstly, how well does my phone support to gyro or magnetometer?
    2.If it does well, then I just thought of buying CONVERGE HDK3 which is selled at 2300 aprox. So is it worth for the price???…it seemed bit costly for me but if this set makes difference with other VRs then please let me know.
    3.Is there any other VR headset which is really good and lesscost compare to converge…and does VR with Bluetooth remote helps???
    Please respond and if possible please provide a detailed review of Nubia z9 mini inside VR headset.

  3. Hello Sir!!!

    Is this device is compatible in Infocus M812 or can I able play any VR game in it.

    Or is it possible to play any ordinary video in it.

    Thank you sir for ur help in advance.

  4. Hi Team,

    I just bought AuraVR. I have OnePlus 1 Android phone. I scanned the QR from AuraVR site but i see two images and this device gave me big headache in just 10 min.

    Can you advise about the split screen / 2 images with i see from the VR .

    Thanks for yr advise..

    1. it will work but better to use phone with bigger screen, 5 to 6 inch will give better results.

  5. Hi Gogi

    Will it be watchable using a 720p phone (250 ppi) or will it be too pixelated.

    1. Can’t say. I used Redmi 1S with about 320 ppi & the screen was good. I noticed pixelation only while viewing videos, & apps seemed good. Pixelation while watching videos was slight.

      If you will see pixelation will depend on a number of factors: display PPI, display quality, even screen protector quality (or oldness).

  6. can we use this vr to watch 2d & 3d videos. which app we should use to watch videos

    1. Sbs video player, use esxplorer or root explorer to open video file using sbs video player.

  7. I got it 4 days back but i was unable to use it as there is no user manual inside the package, thanks for your video now i came to know how to install vr app and other things to use it

    1. Depends on the app you are using, I used 1080p smartphone, same app on OnePlus one card board and Aura, experience was better on AuraVR.

    1. Mx player does not have vr support inbuilt. But there are plenty other vr video players.

    2. Just download sbs video from of yify and download mx player pro n then switch aspect ratio as custom 4:1 to enjoy 3d like imax 3d…