Asus has launched the Asus Zephyrus world’s slimmest gaming laptop and its price in India is Rs. 2,99,990. This laptop will be showcased on 20th August at an event in Bangalore, India. Zephyrus is using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.

The Asus Zephyrus ROG (Republic of Gamers) Gaming laptop is incidentally the world’s slimmest laptop made for gaming users. This laptop has been make to be slimmer, more powerful, quieter and cooler.

It is packed with Intel Core i7 Kaby lake processor – 7th Gen coupled with latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. It sails on Windows 10 and using Aura RGB lighting effects, plus super fast 120Hz display panel with wide-view technology.

Asus Zephyrus launched in India

The Asus Zephyrus sports a 15.6 inch screen with 1920 x 1080p resolution, Anti Glare. The GTX 1080 GPU with Max-Q Design is packed with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM. Users can choose from 256/512/1TB PCIE Gen3X4 SSD and laptop supports up to 24GB SDRAM.

Zephyrus gaming laptop is priced at Rs. 2,99,990.

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  1. Comments here just shows the sad mentality of us majority of indians. we only judge anything according to its price.

    We are satisfied with bajaj and hero cheap third grade bikes while the whole world rides harleys and ducatis.
    We are satisfied with hyundai and maruti while the whole world drives lambo and porsche and ferraris.

    Here people build a computer for 20k and call it gaming beast, while in the usa or europe or australia, anyt computer under 50k is considered a low budget basic system.

    Read the line dudes, Slimmest Gaming Laptop in the world. Its not for mass production for us indians. and definitely not for price sensitive indian market. It is just to show how technologically advanced they are.

    1. I know this comment will get lots of dislikes, but this is the reality, this is the reason why we indians are always considered and treated like people from a third world country.

    2. The Harleys and lambos made no sense. Not everyone outside India is filthy rich. Probably a well frog

  2. Hope the hardware is powerful enough to play Spider Solitaire in Ultra settings at 120 fps.