Asus has come up with an innovative idea of combining a smartphone, tablet and notebook into the Asus PadFone an android powered smartphone. Hard to believe but true, this smartphone does the work of all the three gadgets and can transform into a tablet or notebook when needed.

Before you get excited let me clear some doubt that are going on in your mind. No the Asus smartphone does not expand and converts into a tablet or a netbook, well that technology still does not exists. The Asus PadFone smartphone can be docked inside a specially designed tablet. Once the smartphone resides inside the tablet users can work on with the expanded view.

The tablet can then be docked to a keyboard giving it the shape of a notebook. When the phone is docked inside the tablet it gets recharged from the tablet’s battery. The phone functionality remains the same i.e. you can make / receive calls from the tablet. Moreover the tablet also uses the phone’s 3G internet connection without any setup.

Asus PadFone a smartphone, tablet and a notebook
Asus PadFone a smartphone, tablet and a notebook

The whole idea behind this 3 in 1 Asus PadFone is eliminating the issues of using multiple SIM cards, data transfer etc., When the phone is docked with the tablet it will automatically sync the data. The tablet can also be used as an extended battery to charge the smartphone. Another interesting feature is the Dynamic Display technology wherein when you switch to the tablet or back to the phone you begin from the same point from where you made the switch. In other words if you were working with an app on the PadFone and then dock it with the tablet, you will find the same app that was left open on the phone, now on the tablet, and then you just continue working.

Asus PadFone features / Specifications

This smartphone comes with a 1.5 GHz processor (Dual Core) with a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Gorilla Glass screen running Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

The PadFone station or the tablet sports a 10.1 inch screen that also come shielded with Gorilla Glass. On the rear side on the tablet you will find a compartment to dock the phone which will then completely become a part of the tablet.

Asus PadFone dock
Asus PadFone dock

Other features are Bluetooth, Bluetooth Stylus, dual camera (front: VGA and rear 8 MP) and GPS. The Asus PadFone will hit the markets in April, no word as to when this will reach India or the price. But one thing is for sure this powerhouse gadget will be extremely expensive.

Source: Asus Padfone

By Rajeev Rana

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