I had posted an article on Apple iPad Price dropped at Vijay Sales and to add to it here is another good news, the prices have gone down furtherApple iPad was launched in India in the month of January 2011 with the iPad 2 already in line the company has decided to reduce the cost of the iPad.

When it comes to India it is not just the quality but the price that also matters. Apple has announced a reduction of $100 on its current iPad model in the US. Taking clue from it iPad prices in India also get cheaper by Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3400, well this is not exactly $100 but close enough.

Here is the latest (first generation) iPad price. Remember iPad 2 has more features that the first generation iPad. The iPad 2, 16GB version with Wi-Fi is priced at Rs. 35,900 on eBay. There are other tablet options available you might want to check out before falling in for the iPad.

Apple iPad gets more cheaper in India
Apple iPad gets more cheaper in India

Apple iPad (First Generation) price in India

iPad 16GB with W-Fi
Old Price : Rs. 27,900 | New Price : Rs. 24,500 | Saving : Rs. 3400

iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi + 3G
Old Price : Rs. 34,900 | New Price : Rs. 31,900 | Saving : Rs. 3000

iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi
Old Price : Rs. 32,900 | New Price : Rs. 29,500 | Saving : Rs. 3400

iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi + 3G
Old Price : Rs. 39,900 | New Price : Rs. 36,900 | Saving : Rs. 3000

iPad 64GB with Wi-Fi
Old Price : Rs. 37,900 | New Price : Rs. 34,500 | Saving : Rs. 3400

iPad 64GB with Wi-Fi + 3G
Old Price : Rs. 44,900 | New Price : Rs. 41,900 | Saving : Rs. 3000

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in