Samsung Galaxy S3 did get the Android 4.3 update a few months back however because of several issues the update was called off. The good news is that, the 4.3 update is back and currently available via OTA or Kies software.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S3 handset you can get the update done via OTA or Kies. The file size is around 408 MB. The update will be rolled out in a phased manner so in case if you do not see the 4.3 upgrade options, try again after few days.

The 4.3 update on the Galaxy S3 will not only get most of the new stuffs (lock screen, multiple widgets, screen modes etc) but also make the device compatible with Galaxy Gear Smart watch. Other new apps are also added – as seen on the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.3 update

We hope the S3 update (this time) will be bug free. In case you have already updated do leave a comment and let us know how it went.

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  1. Since the update there is no weather on my lockscreen and battery drain is awful..please fix asap

  2. When i download the update 4.3 on my s3 !!
    It completely downloads but when i install it in half the way the phone resets and says that update failed you should try through pc kies !!
    Does anybody have solution for this i am very much pissed of this problem !!

  3. I recently updated my S3. The only problem I am having is with my text messaging. It’s freezing my phone, delaying messages…etc… Super frustrated because since I’ve updated, I’ve had to reboot my phone at least once a day when I NEVER had to before. I hope this is fixed soon and another update fixing the problem is available.

  4. The update sucked for my Samsung Galaxy S3

    The text message tone no longer rings even though I have the phone set to the text tone and vibrate.

    Lock screen shows the date and time off to the side instead of being centered. It also used to have an option to show the weather and that no longer seems to be an option.

    Lock Screen now give a ripple effect even though its turned off in settings.

    Photo Gallery used to give an option to show Facebook albums but no longer does it.


  5. Here’s the changes I see: clock on locked screen is now too small. Change in keyboard spell check. Changes the layout of my photos. Text messages now have pic icons by them. For so much data to be embedded into my phone I’d rather not have it for so little.

  6. I have updated my s3 4 days ago by OTA……my review is as below:-
    1) change In notification bar (not so much useful.)…
    2) colour reproduction of screen enhanced
    3)u can share screen ‘s content
    4) performance of device and UI enhanced
    5) video player UI is now smooth and ..I can change brightness and volume by touching screen
    1) soon after updating my s3 began to hang…..but now so far this problem is resolved.itself
    2) life of battery is decrease by about15%
    3) system calculator is really bad…button size and shape should not be changed. …
    Conclusion:- I think when we shift from 4.1 to 4.2 or 4.2 to 4.3 there is never a dynamic or surprising change….the changes what we got are good but they can be left out…. over all I think I am not satisfied with 4.3 as I was expecting and excited abt that but atlast I would say it was totally my experience and view ……

  7. Hi Gogi,

    I have S3 International version of Australia, so can I update 4.3 in India..? if yes then how..? still there is no O.S. upgrade roll out in AUS.!! please help me to update..

  8. wow that’s really great news…I have got new s3 today & also Samsung rolled out its new update…lucky guy !!! 😛