Airtel had initially launched the V-Fiber services in Chennai and now it has been launched in Mumbai. The Airtel V-Fiber will offer Mumbai users up to 100 Mbps speed. V-Fiber tariff plan starts from Rs. 899.

So finally Airtel V-Fiber services has been launched in Mumbai. This technology does not required any special wiring at the customer’s premises all that is needed is a new modem. Airtel is offering free upgrade to Existing broadband customers. The Airtel customers can use the service at no extra cost and if unhappy, they can switch back within a month.

The customers however will need to pay for the new modem that is required, but in case if they are not satisfied with the service they will get a refund for the V-Fiber compatible Modem that will be adjusted in the next billing cycle.

Airtel V-Fiber plan starts from Rs. 899. If interested you can register at Airtel Vfiber. You can book it now and get unlimited internet offer for 3 months.

Airtel V-Fiber now in Mumbai

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