Airtel is planning to deploy 7000 new mobile broadband sites, pre-5G massive MIMO technology and 10 MHz fresh 4G spectrum for FY 2018-2019 in Mumbai. Under Project Leap (network transformation initiative) Airtel announced its plans for Mumbai.

The idea is to boost the network capacities for voice as well as high speed data services. The company will rollout 7000 new mobile sites, plus large scale deployment of pre-5G massive MIMO technology across Mumbai, making the Airtel network future ready (in Mumbai).

Also to strengthen its 4G footprint, Airtel will integrate additional 10MHz spectrum carrier (2300MHz band). Airtel launched its VoLTE services in September 2017 in Mumbai, offering FD LTE 1800 MHz and TD LTE 2300 MHz spectrum.

Amit Tripathi, Chief Executive Officer – Mumbai, Bharti Airtel Ltd, adds, “As part of our endeavour to build a future ready network to deliver best-in-class experience to our customers, we are stepping up investments considerably by adding 7000 new sites and 10 MHz of TDD LTE spectrum. Airtel has pioneered the rollout of Massive MIMO in India and we are now undertaking large scale deployments of the cutting-edge technology in key business and residential hubs across Mumbai. This will truly add to the smartphone experience for Airtel customers in the city.”