Airtel offering 12 months free 3GB data to customers who switch to Airtel 4G

Airtel is now offering free data for 12 months, this is, when new customer or existing customers switch to Airtel’s 4G. With this new scheme users will get 3GB free 4G data every month – the free package is worth Rs. 9000.

This Airtel offer is open until February 28 2017. And any user who switches to Airtel 4G will get it. As per the scheme Airtel customers will get 3GB data every month until December 31st 2017, it can either be with Postpaid plans or Prepaid plans and on any device that supports 4G.

Existing Airtel Customers can also upgrade to 4G by upgrading to a new 4G handset and avail the offer. When a user subscribes to 4G they get free 3GB data benefit and then for every subsequent  recharges they will get 3GB free data pack valid for 28 day.

get 12 months free 3GB data when switching to Airtel 4G

There is also a limit i.e. only up to 13 recharges will the user get 3GB free data, until 31st December 2017.

This new Airtel offer of free 3GB 4G data for 12 months will be rolled out starting tomorrow.


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