Adam Elements a Taiwanese company has launched a lot of interesting products. Here is the review of Adam Elements flash drive, retractable lightning cable and OTG adapter. The products are of a really good quality and the links to online / retail stores are available on their official website.

Ponte 101 OTG Adapter
This is a compact OTG adapter (plastic body), single piece without any cables. All you need to do is connect the USB pendrive in the USB slot and attach the adapter on to the smartphone or tablet. There are OTG cables available in the markets but this is something different. Ponte 101 comes for $2.

Ponte 210 USB 2.0 OTG flash drive
This is just like the other dual flash drive that are available in the Indian markets. The drive comes with a micro USB point and a USB point. You can connect the drive with a smartphone and with desktop / laptop.

The build quality is very good. Body has got a metallic finish and the micro USB section comes with a transparent plastic cover. This Ponte 210 (OTG + USB) flash is with 8GB storage space. Write speed is 12 MB/s and reading speed is 27 MB/s. Ponte 210 8GB price is $4.6.

Adam Elements Ponte 210 pack

Adam Elements Ponte 210 usb 2.0 OTG + USB flash drive 8GB

Ultra Mini 301 USB 3.0 flash drive
The Ultra Mini 301 is a USB 3.0 drive that works really fast if you are using a 3.0 port. This drive will also work on USB 2.0 port. The drive capacity is 64GB, it is stylish, has got an elegant no gap design and really compact.

Adam Elements ultra mini 301 USB 3.0 64GB flash-drive

It is especially made for Mac, Notebooks and Ultra books. This flash drive is so compact that you might want to keep one for dedicated use with the system; it hardly takes up any external space. You can also connect this drive with a smartphone/tablet using the OTG adapter. Ultra Mini 301 with 64GB capacity is priced at $28.

Ponte 311 USB 3.0 OTG flash drive
This is a unique looking flash drive that supports USB 3.0 as well as micro USB (OTG). The drive looks like a small bag, made of soft good quality rubber. The USB 3.0 and micro USB are totally concealed. Ponte 311 is stylish storage device available in different colours for $8 (8GB).

Speed test on USB 2.0 – Write speed = 13MB/s and Reading speed = 28MB/s.

Adam Elements Ponte 311 USB 3.0 OTG + USB flash drive

Lightning Cable retractable
This is a lightning cable made for iPad, iPhone and iPod for Sync / charging the device. The device is packed in a good quality glossy plastic body with a USB and the Apple Lightning connecter or each sides. It houses a 60 cm cable and can be retracted when your work is done.

Adam Elements lightning cable retractable

Pull both sides to roll out the cable as needed and when the work is done pull the cable slightly (any end) to retract the cable back into the base. It is a good add on for Apple products, it is compact and provides freedom from messy cables. It is priced at $20.9.

Visit Adam Elements for more products and here is the the link to retail / online stores.

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