The next Mi3 sale will begin at 2PM and this time Xiaomi has managed to get in 20,000 units. There are over 1,50,000 registrations. The chances are slim but you never know it could be your lucky day. This time too the handset went out of stock within seconds.

Bookings are on first come first serve basis, so make sure you login few minutes before the sales begins. In case you miss this opportunity you can register for the next sales and most likely the number of units will increase too for the next sale.

The Mi3 hardware is really good considering the price factor, but unfortunately Xiaomi are not able to bring in more stock to full fill the growing demand. And fortunately for Xiaomi there is nothing coming up to compete with them at this point of time.

So did you get the handset, or you missed it, leave a comment.

mi3 sale on 12 august 2014

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. So Mi India there are now total of 4 people who got there screen broken. That really really means that screen quality is very very week. I hope this thing falls on your ears now.

    Here are the four guys :


    Images of broken Screen :



  2. Hi Gogi,
    I’m facing an issue with my second MI3. Accidentally upon recieval of this new phone on Saturday, I did factory reset before doing a conplete setup. Now all the preinstalled Indian apps are gone. Some how I had a backup from my first MI3 so I was able to install them. But now I’m facing issues in themes section where its showing China specific options in Chinese too which at each time I have to clear data from apps section to see them in English. Also the notification light is working occasionally. What you suggest? Should I request flipkart for a replacement?

    1. Dear TJ,

      How can Flipkart replace the phone.. They are already out of stock in 2 to 3 seconds..

      The Chinese Xioami and the Indian Flipkart.. Joined Hands with the slogan.. Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai..making all of us fools.

  3. Anything about Redmi 1S, and Redmi Note? It was to be launched earlier this month. 🙁

  4. Do I need to put a screen guard for mi3. Since flipkart person is telling not required. Please suggest me.

    1. Yes you do, I got mi3 through the first sale. I didn’t use screen guard for the past 2 weeks and found a couple of scratches. Hence I purchased a screen guard.

        1. What is Chinese Gorilla Glass??

          Yaar,Corning is a company producing a product named Gorilla Glass and it has a Registered Trademark(u also mentioned it) so how can they use the name Gorilla® Glass if they don’t have it…?



    1. its a fake one not official wait for flipkart to arrive ebay sometimes gives you fake items, I suffered from them…:(

  5. Hello users, anyone want mi3 at same price? i have still 1 mi3 in my cart. I will add your detail and place order with COD if you want. Reply fast.

  6. Dear gogi, I did not getting the stratgy of xiomi, in the country of 125 crore they selling just 55k sets, this shows some lackness, everybody eagers to buy mi3 but 10% success rate so how they are going to use service network when sufficient sets are not thrown in market.

  7. Dear Gogi, Could you suggest me screen guard and flip cover for Mi3 as i am afraid it is getting scratches and dust. I came through a flip cover saying 100% original MI flip cover in Can i trust trust that. It looks like the original accessories will not be launched in the near future. Or can i use any other mobile safe guard.

  8. This report will serve as an eye opener to lot of people. Despite their low price Xiaomi does make good profit. When folks like Makhani of NDTV barks “xiaomi selling phones at a loss only to recover money from software and accessories” its a complete lie and utter ignorance from makhani. Even lot of proclaimed tech gurus donot know cost structure of electronics industry and say non sense. Micromax despite its low price makes a killing. And lets not talk about Apple and Samsung, HTC, Sony. Brand names means nothing. Save your money and buy products which offers you value for money. And inculcate this habit in the coming generation.

    For all “serious” tech lovers this report will be very enlightening. Gogi you can also spend some time with this report.

    1. That’s only BOM. There’s taxes, servicing, shipping, transport, personnel, depriciation and a lot of other costs. To put it into perspective, Apple sells the 185USD iPhone5 for 650 USD.

  9. I placed order at shopclue later cancelled the order I think its not original. Now shopclue shows sold out.

    1. it was genuinely bought out in flipkart sell ,as 50% mi3 is bought by online retailers and old sellers resulting in sold out in seconds.but shopclues intensively selling it at cheap to attract potential buyers.

  10. Its fake mi3..selling in China also people suffered buying fake mi3 due to less stock

  11. Ghor kalyug aa gaya hai….ppl feeling LUCKY if they are able to book a phone.LOL Chill out guys don’t feel bad or yourself unlucky for a phone. Remember mobiles are made for us not vice versa:D

  12. Even though having so many registrations they r coming with only limited stocks. Xiaomi itself doesn’t have confidence in their product whether it will be hit or flop..

  13. I have got my mi3 on 26th july it was running smoothly for 5-6days but now there is a problem in it sometimes takes hours to unlock the phone touch is not working device gets hanged often. Plz tell me now what I have to do?

  14. Even after having so many registrations why they are providing less stocks. Xiaomi doesn’t have confidence in them whether over stocks may give them losses.

  15. failed to book 3rd time….

    last two times at least i could see buy now button. Today at 2 pm, flipkart countdown was showing 24 mins remaining….
    even after refreshing it was showing incorrect timer….

    Even flipkart app also not responding by hitting buy button.

    Even evening at 6 pm I could not make registration. It was showing as you are already registered for 12th Aug sale..

    Worst service from flipkart…

  16. Will I have to make payment of MI3 at the same time of sell or I can pay cash on delivery….?

    1. It’s kitkat and an update is already available to download
      Posted proudly by #XiaomiMi3

  17. Dear Gogi,
    I am very much surprised to find the Mi3 available on Shopclues and that too at Rs. 13599/- only. There is an extra 2% cash back in terms of clues bucks also. When everybody is looking for the phone at Flipkart Shopclues is also selling the phone and that too at a lesser price than Flipkart. When the stock of Mi3 gets exhausted in seconds at Flipkart the same model is still available at Shopclues and they are providing earphones also.
    Grateful, if you would kindly let me know along with all the aspirant Mi3 buyers whether the phone available at Shopclues is genuine.

      1. Hello I have small doubt why it consume more and more ram while opening ram it shows only below 300mb free ram is there any problem or its a bug. Some times especially while opening default browser scrolling transition is jerky while pdf reader and opening images in galley is this bug effect or any hardware problem.

    1. The phone sold on shopclues is fake. The specs dont match. It is mentioned that the phone supports micro sd card when there is no slot on the phone. Sometimes other color options are listed. And they say headphones are bundled in the package which is a lie . beware of Shopclues. They sell fake products and will never fulfill your refund requests. This is from personal experience and other websites and review.

    2. I dont wanna take risk
      since its shopclues
      Because many substandard product are sold by sellers in shop clues
      who know it may be Mi3 Clone !!!
      one who buy only will know it 🙁

    3. The phone at shopclues is an imported one. It is a Chinese version of mi3 can’t u see it has 4.3 with it. Sometimes you got to use your own brains man.

      1. @Gogi,
        Thanks for your quick response. Shopclues is selling Mi3 with expandable memory card slot too. ..!

        I have tried to place the order for 10 mobiles. and it’s allowing.

        1. you better cancel the order immediately…..the one you see with removable battery and card slot is most definitely fake clone made in china.

  18. Lucky to get one on first try! No glitches. Went smoothly with the help of MTS dongle.

  19. Tried for the second time, did get the buy now button. Clicked on it, it shows we are checking and its taking wheel of death and didn’t get any response, finally refreshed the page, shown unknown host, wasted my 3 hours for this.
    I think booking railway ticket through irctc is very easy as compared to this.
    Here an idea, let the people make the payment for this phone and ship in the next lot, like waiting list for this phone. This way everyone gets a phone and no-need for again registering and waiting for this phone to order

    1. I think flipkart is just checking how much user load can their servers take it, this makes no sense to destroy almost 2-3 hours of work-time in the middle of the week and not able to purchase the handset. I am ready to pay today for this phone and expect my shipment in the next lot. This is the best way and every flipkart id is able to purchase only 1 handset.

  20. First Xiaomi got on 5 August first time sale now Today on 12.08.2014 also got one more Xiaomi Mi3 two handset back to Back. Really very Lucky Feeling out of this world!

  21. Hi Gogi,
    Today, i was able to add one more to my cart.
    It’s all about the time difference which is causing the issue. You have to be very quick and be alert while placing the order, as the timings are not consistent across the windows/tabs.

  22. I wonder if Flipkart sit with a Stopwatch 2.4 second atleast make it Minute. Anyone tried ordering with Internet Explorer, Flipkart Might get you the Reward for your Courage 😛

  23. god i guess no one will be facing the issue I am facing 😀

    successfully got the item added to my cart and unfortunately before payment I clicked on add to wish list and the item got disappeared any one there who is as unlucky as me 😛

  24. successfully placed an order …TRICK is simple for the next sale.. at least 3 browsers CHROME,FIREFOX,OPERA etc.
    2. create 2-3 accounts on flipkart…..
    3.Login to the website just before 30 min of sale(i have done that) all 4 browsers side by side to check the timers.
    5.go to to create a countdown timer and keep refreshing the all 4 tabs to sync it with the created countdown.
    6.MUST refresh just before 5 seconds ..(dont refresh before 3 sec)
    7.DONE….click as soon as the buy button comes within milliseconds

  25. Hahahahaha ! Lucky day for me … 😉
    After the previous 2 failures got 1 today.
    I was surprised to see 10% off on my sbi credit card + I had a 300 discount coupon. 😀
    All worked out to 12300/- :-))
    Previous failures were a blessing in disguise 😀

  26. Realy upset .

    May be I will go for different mobile.
    Three times we can try.

    I failed. So I don’t deserve this mobile. Better go for different one.

    THanks Mi3 and Bye Bye Mi3

    1. If u really want it ,try to buy it from anyone using olx or any other site from anyone who has placed the order coz there are bunch of those people who buy just to sell it .Just keep a fix rate of lets say 15k and find anyone and try this 🙁 BEst of luck 🙂

  27. this is seem as hype and wrongdoing from Xiaomi. I have tried from mobile device which is showing 2 sec earlier than computer but recd message that u r not registered user while I have already registered for the sale. seems as marketing techniques only. not trustable sale

  28. Wow.. This time I got extremely lucky. Last 3 times it was out of stock in a blink of eye.

    This time I got it….

  29. hi gogi i just booked it and it will be deliver soon and i want to ask u that when the redme 1s will come so that i can buy it for my younger brther

  30. Hi i had already bought mi3 on priority sale and booked another one anybody interested? Chances are 50-50 as my cousin will decide whther to keep it or not its in my cart but not yet paid so any one interested can tell me here only interested peoples who really will buy tell me as i will prepay the pdoduct and yes 15500 i will take for my hard work so if any one need it say me.. It was very hard to catch one..

    1. Aap jaise log hi Corruption Har Jagah Faylate Hain !!! Fir bolte hain india mein corruption jyada hain…….

      1. Achaaa ok thanks nothing is corruption here in fact its my mrp go and check ebay or wait fir next sale all d bst:-)

    2. मुझे लगता है की आप अपने कड़े परिश्रम की क्षमता को कम कर के बता रहे हैं।

      1 घंटा तो आपने लगाया ही होगा बुकिंग में ! और 1 घंटा मेहनत करने का सिर्फ 1500
      क्या भाई ……लानत है…..इससे तीन चार गुना तो ……..

      1. Yes you are absolutely right but I am taking little because I don’t know just want at least some one get it in even lower and ya I also I need my profit right.. And all other sellers on ebay are selling at 18.9 to 23 m jst saying for 15.5 k so whats wrong for it that too with direct flipkart box even without opening that.

  31. gogi is it compulsry to fill out adress realted info. before to buy mi3 . if yes (after login )how can i fill it without having nothing in cart.

  32. For you information.
    – There was a more than 10 minutes difference in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

  33. I think for the next sale it will be even more difficult as all of you know the real browser secret now.

    1. But sir can we try with the mobile app since it will be very different from browsers of pc ..BTW I will try in next sale using the flipkart app in my mi3 😉 😛

    1. Rahul can you please share one. i couldn’t get my luck since the first sale. I will buy instantly.

  34. I have tried ordering this phone for my friend. He got it this time. Even i was able to add Mi3 to my cart. So if anyone interested please reply to this thread.