Zopo ZP950 Max Phablet with 5.7 inch HD display, Jelly Bean launched

Zopo mobiles have now launched the Zopo ZP950 Phablet – big brother of ZP900 that comes with a bigger 5.7 inch screen, Jelly Bean OS and dual core processor. This Phablet is priced at Rs. 15,999 and is listed on the Zopo India website.

The price of Zopo ZP900 Leader that is already selling for Rs. 15,999 will probably be dropped within few days/ weeks. Since the new ZP950 houses bigger screen the screen resolution has been upgraded to HD i.e. 1280×720 pixels (257.65 PPI).

The Zopo ZP950 is powered by MT6577 dual core processor with PowerVR SGX531T. This handset runs on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The ZP950 is 10.2 mm thin and supports Dual SIM card with dual standby mode.

This handset also comes with an improved 8MP camera (better than the ZP900) with LED flash and a front facing 2MP camera for video chats/ calls. The camera can capture videos in 720p resolution at 30fps. I will have to check if this hardware can play 1080p movies.

Other features included are Wi-Fi, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS with A-GPS, 3.5mm jack and micro USB port. Most of the specifications are exactly the same as found on the Zopo leader. The 2500 mAh Li-Po battery gives a decent standby time of around 130 to 200 hours.

The ZP950 is dual core smartphone with a 5.7 inch screen, quad core models are expected to hit the Indian markets within few months. The prices of these products will fall as and when the quad core enters the market.

Zopo ZP950 Max Phablet

Zopo ZP950 key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM with Dual Standby mode.
  • Android 4.1.2 JB OS.
  • Dual core Cortex A9 MTK MT6577 clocked at 1.0 GHz with PowerVR SGX531T GPU.
  • 1GB RAM, 4GB internal and micro SD card support up to 32GB.
  • 5.7 inches IPS screen with 1280x720pixels resolution (capacitive + multi touch).
  • 8MP AF rear camera with LED flash + 2MP front camera. 720p Video recording supported.
  • 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS with AGPS, Micro USB and 3.5 mm jack.
  • 2500 mAh battery with about 7 day’s standby.
comparison zopo ZP900 versus ZP950

comparison zopo ZP900 versus ZP950

For now we have two handsets the Wammy Sensation and the Zopo ZP950 and both carry the same price. Does ZP950 have a big advantage what do you think? (And review coming soon).

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  1. vipul says

    hi Gogi
    i am planning to buy a smartphone with a budget of around 12-17k
    and is confused between the four handsets. Plz help
    spice mi525
    karbonn k9
    wammy passon z+

    and upcomming xolo q1000s

    i am more curis about the spice one.. plz if possible provide the review on that with benchmarks

    and should i wait for xolo or go for others

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  2. Neel Mohapatra says

    hi Gogi,
    I realy want to buy the new Zopo ZP950.But its not available in any retail store in my locality and i dnt find this phone in any onlin stores as well e.g. snapdeal,flipkart…How can i order this phone and is there any online store that could provide me wid dse phone as COD(cash on delivery)…i stay at BHUBANESWAR,ORISSA…Please aaddressmy issue as soon as possible

    @Meet Shukla
    @Gaurav Singh:
    Since u already got the phone can u please guide me how to get this phone and from where.thank you.

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    • Gaurav Singh says

      Buy it from zopomobiles.in by depositing cash in there HFC bank.delivery in 7-8 days.no cash on delivery available .

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  3. Meet Shukla says

    Got my phone on Saturday. Wanted a big screen with dual sim capability for my wife. This phone was fitting the bill. I have used Canvas 2 A110 and iBall Andi 4.5h too. The screen as compared to the models mentioned above, is vibrant. The display is crisp. However those who are used to Super Amoled display may find the viewing angles nasty. Itt really doesnt matter though.

    The transitions are quite fluidic. No lags. Would be installing my 32gig sd card today, so will further update on the performance (especially the lag).

    Standby battery is remarkable. The OS or the radio is not hogging cpu. Even with the a regular (moderate) usage, the battery drops till 48% by night.

    Camera isnt more than 5MP (8MP software enhanced). However nice set of features (thanks to jellybeans). And all of em works. And macro does capture details. Would update the capture.

    As i hardly get to play around with the phone (wife’s phone), I may not be able to upload a video review, but would surely get back to you with snaps.

    I do not consider this phone for gaming so not inclined towards reviewing that.

    In all, so far it has been a very good experience. Feels rich in hand, typing is very easy due to the screen size and yes, its quite handy too. Would get back with benchmark details and certain screenshots.


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      • Ash says

        Gaurav. ping once you get the delivery. need your first hand inputs as a customer before i buy this.

        Other Chinese players like Oppo [Find 5], ZTE [Nubia Z5], Meizu [MX2], Xiaomi [Phone 2] are way ahead of the game [Quad-Core, HD, 7-9 mm thickness ] , unfortunately we are deprived of them in the Indian market. We pay $60K for a striped down $25K car in India and call it luxury car :D

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        • Gogi Ranagogi says

          I think the companies want total brand control which is not possible in most cases or the cost goes up. Add to it the Indian tax system that further increases the cost.

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          • Gaurav Singh says

            Hi Gogi and Friends,
            I received my ZP950 yesterday.I ordered Grey but they shipped white.I always had doubt that they are not having Grey colour.
            So here comes a mini review:

            If looks of a phone can kill then i would have not been typing this.True copy of Note-2.

            Perfomance is fast and zippy.Have not experienced any lags so far.

            Display is awesome and browsing and watching movies is an awesome experience.

            4)Ease of use:
            It will take some time for users to get used to it monstrous size.I am saying this even after i am 6 feet tall and have huge palms.
            Slight difficult to carry in jeans pocket,but fits well in shirt pocket.I usually carry it into my bag after a thief stole my A100 few months back.

            Camera is average.I was not expecting a Samsung/Sony experience but still OK type.

            Sound is crisp and clear while receiving/making calls.

            N/w reception is solid and sim management is also easy.

            Not tested much,it took close to five hours to get it charged fully.

            I have not run any quadrant,antutu scores,shall do that soon.

            Let me know if you guys have any questions.

            PS:I have used Micromax,Samsung,Sony,Nokia all these years.But build quality of this is as good as Sony/Samsung and way better then Micromax/Karbonn.

            Signing off for now.

            Gaurav Singh
            Please let me know what else you guys want to know.

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      • Millind says

        Any luck with your phone….if you have received can you share your feedback and how would you rate it compared to Micromax and any other phones…

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      • Ashlesha says

        HI Guys,

        I have not bought this phone but a bit confused since it takes 5 hrs to get this phone fully charged. That is not my kind then.

        Still thinking, might land up with Grand may be.
        Please can any one confirm about the battrey charging time it takes.

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  4. Gaurav Singh says

    Gogi, I think u r not interested in reviewing Zopo after a116 launch.Even u have not added updated galaxy grand article. LOL.

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    • Gogi Ranagogi says

      Gaurav, I have asked for the review unit and they have not sent, now 116 is the main focus area. I think you got the ZP950, can you send me the benchamrk scores and images so I will come up with the review based on your inputs. As for Galaxy Grand I am planning to do the review on that too. I have already had an article on it http://www.gogi.in/samsung-galaxy-grand.html, so next one will be the review.

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      • Gaurav Singh says

        I will receive it on 28th and will send you the benchmark scores. Lets see how my decision fares to go for zp950.

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      • Millind says


        Selling Micromax a116 on this site…and shows as in stock and takes you to the payment…any idea??

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  5. Gaurav Singh says

    After all delibration i have today ordered ZP 950 even after knowing about Mmx a116 launch.I firmly believe that build quality and overall performance of Zopo devices is better then Mmx,karbonn etal.I wil be getting it in a week .If you wish it to review let me know i can give you my device as i am also in Navi Mumbai.I will post my user exp once i get it.

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    • imran khan says

      Reply me Gaurav my name is Imran even i stay in Nerul Navi Mumbai let me know the time i will come to see the phone. If i like it i will buy now…

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  6. giri says

    Is this really worth buying? I am ready to spend money if it has value for money, please do reply dear gogi.

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  7. Saravanan says

    @ Vivek Deshpande , How do u got the sar for Zopo 950? I own a ZP900 and I am searching for the sar all over.. But could not find one.

    Will be helpful if U can thro sum light on it….

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  8. Kunal Banker says

    Please go ahead with the full review of the device…

    Been waiting for your review as I wanted to buy this product….

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  9. Harsh says

    Hi Gogi, Any news on reviewing this one? Waiting eagerly for the review.

    Harsh, sorry for delay I have still not get the review unit from ZOPO they said they will send but have not. – gogi.

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    • John says

      I’ve just received the phalet. Using Antutu and Quarant; it reads the resolution to be 720 x 1220 (not 720 x 1280).
      I’m quite pleased with the built quality, it comes with a back-cover that has a flip cover for the screen.

      The only con at the moment is the installation memory, I keep getting storage space running out warning.

      My display was also very dim when it was set to auto-brightness,using the adrosensor app to test, I notice that the ight sensor is working but it always reporting very low light condition. E.g in a room it reports a 20 lux, whereas other phones shows 100 lux; in out door ; it shows 280 lux, wheareas the other phones shows more than 3000 lux.
      I’m not sure if this is a bug in the firmware (calibration) or I’m having a bad sensors.

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      • Aditya says

        1220*720.. The lesser resolution maybe cause of the on-screen button, which might have used 60 pixels. :)

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            • John says

              Yes, thus far what they say is to wait for rooting and a firmware upgrade. My firmware is built 19/12.
              In the zopomobile forum, there are others with other issues, such as wifi issue.
              My take is to hold back your purchase until these bugs are resolved.

              As for the storage issue, I did a factory reset and my installation memory increase from 500Mb to 1.5 GB (and a 1GB internal storage instead of original 2 GB).

              Another bug is during charging, my CPU is always running at 1000 Mhz. it takes very long to charge .I don’t think the CPU is the cause of the slowness of charging, cos when I disable one of my SIM card, the charging speeds up.

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              • Gaurav Singh says

                Any solution to your above mentioned problems. I quoted your issue with Zopo India they sais European customers are facing issues because their phone is rooted.Is that so,from where youu are.Built quality of Zopo is great.Inadequate service center and your feedback are reasons for holding my purchase.

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                • John Tang says

                  I’ve managed to root and flash my ROM with the 07012013. But my problem in auto-sensor still remain, thus my guess is that it is nothing to do with my ROM, but the set sent to me was buggy, in other words, bad Quality Control.

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