I had already created a video of the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier, and after watching that video some users asked me interesting question is WiFi required, low TDS bad for health? And the Mi Water Purifier sound is too high.

Do you need a router / Wi-Fi connection to use the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier?

Well no, you can use it without WiFi,  you will see a light glowing when the filter is nearly exhausted and needs replacement. The only disadvantage with not using the WiFi is that you will not be able to connect with the app and will not able to view live TDS levels and check the efficiency of the filters (the percentage).

Is Low TDS bad for health?

Well I don’t think so, and the point to be noted is that as far as I remember the water purifiers I had purchased before never had any option to check TDS / live TDS or a matter of fact let users know when the filter needs to be replaced. 

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As for Low TDS bad for health check this report – https://www.wqa.org/Portals/0/Technical/Technical%20Fact%20Sheets/2015_TDS.PDF

Does the Mi water Purifier make a lot of noise?

Yes and No, if installed properly he sound is minimal do check the video to hear it in action. There is a Pump inside the water purifier and if the flow of water is low / tube is blocked then it will make weird and loud sound.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in