Xiaomi Mi Notebook (Mi laptops) launching in India on 11th June

Most of you might be aware that Xiaomi is launching Mi laptops in India, the much awaited Mi Notebook will be launched on 11th June at 12 noon. You can watch the event unfold as it happens on Xiaomi’s Social Media Platforms.

Xiaomi has been teasing about a new device and if you have had checked those videos you might have noticed that a laptop was used and its lid was closed in all of the shots, with the link it’s time.

So finally the Mi NoteBook is launching in India, what can we expect? Well a great build, great specs and most importantly an awesome price of under Rs. 10,000. But Hey (just kidding), hold on this is not a smartphone, so the price will definitely be over 10K. 

So what do you think the price could be and what could Xiaomi offer (the specs)?

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