Most of you might be aware that Xiaomi is launching Mi laptops in India, the much awaited Mi Notebook will be launched on 11th June at 12 noon. You can watch the event unfold as it happens on Xiaomi’s Social Media Platforms.

Xiaomi has been teasing about a new device and if you have had checked those videos you might have noticed that a laptop was used and its lid was closed in all of the shots, with the link it’s time.

So finally the Mi NoteBook is launching in India, what can we expect? Well a great build, great specs and most importantly an awesome price of under Rs. 10,000. But Hey (just kidding), hold on this is not a smartphone, so the price will definitely be over 10K. 

So what do you think the price could be and what could Xiaomi offer (the specs)?

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Price must be higher because of this covid-19. They increase the price of poco they also have difficulty to manage price.

  2. Gogi sir. Price toh bta do ab aur specs comments me. Apke paas toh aa gya hoga review unit

  3. No use if its not ‘Made in India’, country comes first then Chinese laptop…..
    MI & other cos would require to re-brand if anti-China rhetoric goes to its peak…

  4. imagine you jump from a plane and your parachute is made in china what would you do?
    now imagine you jump from plane and you have two parachute one made in India and one made in china .

    As long as there is no alternative you will be forced to choose from what is available (if it is better).

    However, Many chinese companies make in India (specially phones), that is creating employment and revenue, if you have a problem with that you will be the one who will later on complain about job loss from make in India. Apple phones are made in china, there is no alternative – if everyone stops buying then, apple who is planning to make in India will backout because of losses.

    Most phones available in India are made in India.

    1. for your usage you should for for a core i7 type lets see what Mi launches in India.

  5. @gogi do you think they will target home user as well as gamers , including content creator?

  6. Gogiji, mi notebook may have high end specs and price may be also around 50k.

  7. वीडियो कब आ रही है गोगी जी

    1. no idea depends on specs lets see but should be lower than the competition