Vodafone has launched a new plan for its Pre-Paid users. Vodafone customers need to buy the pack and get instant data up to 15GB, in addition once the data is used up they can recharge at special discounted price.

Vodafone Pre-Paid Pack Value tariff

Customers can choose from 3 different options (Pack)

Pack Value Rs. 1501 valid for 12 months, with 15GB data and upon data usage customers can recharge at the following rates – Rs. 53 for 1GB, Rs. 103 for 2GB and Rs. 256 for 5GB.

Pack Value Rs. 748 valid for 6 months, with 3GB data and upon data usage customers can pay Rs. 106 for 1GB recharge.

Pack Value Rs. 494 valid for 6 month, with 2GB data and upon data usage customers can recharge at Rs. 122 for 1GB.

*Pack special recharge benefit validity of 28 days.

Vodafone 15GB data with 1 year value pack

For now this pack is active for Vodafone Pre-Paid customers in Tamil  Nadu Circle only.

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  1. This was launched atleast a month back thought they did not make any official announcement. I was able to see these in My Vodafone app few weeks back and I am already using one ?

  2. I guess the 15GB data is valid for 28 days only and unused data cannot be carried forward when recharged with new discounted packs.