From Micromax FTP you can keep track of software updates, download and install when needed. MMX has come up with V2 ROM version for Micromax A110 which is ICS (Android 4.0) but with certain improved features.

The V2 ROM will fix the dial pad issue, I am not sure what that is, cause I am using the A110 and did not face any issue with the dial pad. Another interesting change is the SD card space allocation that has been changed from 2GB to 1GB and 1GB is now assigned for internal storage, instead of 503MB as on my A110 handset.

Also note that new A110 handsets that are now being shipped come loaded with the V2 ROM. To upgrade this ROM just head on to their FTP site.

** Sorry the link is removed as requested by Micromax **

Please follow the same lower / upper case for user / password as mentioned above. The file size is 236 MB and by the time it gets downloaded, check if battery % is over 50 percent, if not keep it on charger.

Before you proceed do note that this process will flash the ROM and all data on the device will be lost, so take a backup if need. I usually store all data on SD card and my contacts / calendar are always synchronized with Gmail and hence I am never worried about losing the data.

If it’s too much for you, you can always visit the Micromax service center and let them update your handset.

What you will need!

  1. Visit the FTP site, enter the A110 -> SW version  -> V206121 folder and download the rar file. It’s around 250 MB. Once it is downloaded unrar it and put the folder in a directory say c:/MMXA110/update/ on your PC.

    Micromax A110 v2 ROM

    mmx v2 ROM download

  2. No go to A110 -> Download Tool -> and download the once downloaded unzip it in the folder say c:/MMXA110/update/.Micromax flash tool
  3. Now you will have 2 folder
    in the c:/MMXA110/update/ directory.  One is the ROM update and the other is the tool that will update the handset.
    Now you need the drivers that will detect the handset (this is a different one). For this you can visit the A110 -> Drivers and download the exe file. Or you can connect the phone to PC and you will find the drivers. Or download this file (this driver file on mediafire worked for me).

I am using Windows 8  64 bit and had trouble installing the driver (Unsigned driver issue). For Windows 8 users with same issue you can try the following.

Okay now for the flashing process. It’s very simple. But make sure not to disconnect the phone or switch off the PC etc until the whole process is over, as that might damage the OS and could brick the handset. So proceed at your own risk, I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong.

How to flash Micromax A110 with new ROM (V2)

  • Switch off the phone completely.
  • Enter the directory where you have placed all the files example c:/MMXA110/update/.
  • Now use the flash tool, enter the SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1220.01 directory and double click the flash_tool.exe.
  • When the program starts the download agent link will already be there all you need to do is add the scatter-loading file. Click scatter loading button and then look for the file MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc in the S9081_MP_F4_B1_IN_MMX_0.16__flasher_user directory.
  • Once done just click the download button (next to firmware upgrade) and then connect the switched off phone to the PC. Assuming that the drivers have installed properly the upgrade process will start.Micromax A110 v2 install
  • Do not unplug / disconnect / abort the process unless you see the OK message.
  • It will take few minutes for the process to complete, once done disconnect the USB and start the phone.

It will take a little longer to start for the first time and you will see the superfone logo for a little longer time, it is normal. Once the phone starts just go to settings and check the storage you should see the total app space now increased from 503 to 1.4GB with 1.05 GB as internal storage.

What’s new in this update

  • The app space has been increased (Approx 1.4GB).
  • RAM around 200 to 230 MB free.
  • Now when you choose SD card as default storage it installs new apps on the internal storage, but you can move it later on to the external SD storage (if applicable).
  • LED Flash looks brighter now, still no good with low light photography.
  • I tried GPS and it works did not notice much difference. The lock took less than 15 seconds, as it was before. I tried from two different locations and both time got a lock within 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Did not find any noticeable difference in performance: Quadrant score(2565), Antutu score (6173 pretty good).
  • I tried installing the Modern Combat 3 Game (1.3 GB) and it did install directly on my external SD card :-).

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  1. Hi,

    After upgrading the OS to Jelly Bean, OTG cable is not working and even the speaker in mobile is not working properly. Could you please let me know whether there are any setting needs to be done, so that the issue can be resolved.

  2. I have a problem my phone. If running two apps then shows the msg low memory. How can this be resolved?

  3. Recently i update my canvas 2 – ICS 4.0.4 to JB 4.1.1 from this site forum.gsmhosting com/vbb/f728/micromax-a110-can­­­vas-original-jelly-bean-4-1-­2­-­update-file-flash-tool-kin­g-­o-­1643104/
    my problem is my canvas 2 is not rooting when i completed the process of ur video.
    after then it show successful and it doesnt show that super user app.
    i check it in also mobile uncle and root checker app ..
    it say ur mobile in not rooted ..
    plz help me…how 2 root my mobile

  4. Is there any one who tried connecting Micromax A110q to TV through MHL cable
    Will this phone work with that ?
    Which ROM Version I should update to get this functionality ?

  5. hi,
    am happy to hear all the good reviews about canvas 2.. now can some one help me to find a good place to update my canvas 2 to jellybean in bangalore. it would be help full if some one send me the address of any service center where I can update my canvas 2 to jellybean.

    thank you..

  6. BROM Error Resolution:-

    Remove the battery –> connect mobile to PC –> Restart firmware upgrade process

    And your phone will be upgraded!!! Just discovered.

  7. HI Gogi Sir,
    while followed the procedure after clicking of firmware->upgrade the flash tool detected the phone and process started. After that i got a message BROM ERROR : S_FT_FORMAT_FAIL (4010). Now the phone is nor Switching ON, neither being detected by Flashing Tool.

  8. I have a canvas 2 with v2 rom and my friend has a canvas 2 with v1 rom . Is it possible that if we make backup of his v1 rom phone and restore that backup to my v2 rom phone . Will it work and help me to get v1 rom ?

  9. Please upgrade to Dr Bhokali JB ROM (4.1.1): I am a very satisfied user of the ROM, and it has passed all the tests till date. Use the standard procedure listed in the site, and follow these two additional steps to get the best out of the ROM: (Using CWM recovery installed in V2 ROM)
    1) Clear battery status (after charging to 100%)
    2) Format System
    I have upgraded my ROM to DrBhokali ROM from V2 ROM (rooted version with CWM installed). I strongly suggest you to follow the same technique. No issues till date (> 20 days of usage)

    —what is better in DrBhokali ROM as compared to official JB ROM–
    TV out: It is not available in Official JB ROM. However, the same is there in DrBhokali ROM.

    1. TV Out? I don’t think A110 has MHL, how else can we have TV out ? Miracast ? I don’t think A110 is advanced enough to support that. If it is possible can you please update. Have you tried ? Which other ROMs support that ? Official JB, JMPs ROM any other? (Somehow, I don’t feel very comfortable with the name DrBhokali 🙂 )

      1. I guess TVout in A110 is just a myth. No HW support. Some people are saying MHL cable can be used but no one reported any success. Others saying 3.5mm to 3RCA cable can be used etc etc. BUT no one has reported any success in TVout. BTW TVout option is present in engg mode even in v1 ROM. So I don’t think any ROM is required to support it. Its just the HW support that is missing.

  10. Micro-Macro USB drive: Today I saw a USB drive with normal as well as micro USB port, so that it can be used directly in Laptop/computer or Mobiles with OTG support. Excellent idea, we should get more of these at cheaper rates, since they are the need of the hour.
    (I do not recommend buying this, just wanted to show the design of such a wonderful item)

  11. Plzz help me my windows 7 is not detecting the driver..when I connect my mobile to PC its showing me an errors

    1. Please turn the Debugging mode on in the developer options of your phone and try again.

  12. Hi Gogi,i have swapped my internal sd card with external memory card and i am using v1 rom,should i have to swap it back to original before upgrading to v2 rom ?