Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Smart Earphone separate earbuds to switch on, attach it to switch off

This is Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Smart Earphone, a unique type of earphone that comes with smart earbuds. When you connect the magnetic earbuds the earphone will switch off and when you separate the earbuds it will switch on.

You can buy this from Amazon for Rs. 2,499 –

Stuffcool Dizzy specifications

stuffcool dizzy

Bluetooth version : 4.1 stereo headphone, Transmission power : class 2
Standard micro USB charging connector support models: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
60mAh rechargeable battery, Two bluetooth devices supported, In-ear design that blocks outside noise
Built-in microphone for phone calls/Handsfree use, Charging time : 2 hours, Play time : 3.5 hours, Talk time : 4 hours, Standby time : 150 hours
Smart Magnetic Play/Pause : When the ear buds are attached, the call Ends or the music stops playing & When the ear buds are detached one can answer the call or Listen to music

Stuffcool Dizzy
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