Xiaomi will be offering 30 Redmi 3S prime handsets worth Rs. 8,999 for just Rs. 1 and about 100 Mi Bluetooth Speakers also for Rs. 1. The Rs. 1 flash sale will begin today at 2PM. There are limited units and there will be a huge rush.

Luck will be an important factor. So get ready and try buying the Redmi 3S Prime and/or the Mi Bluetooth speaker for Rs. 1. These products will be listed and available on Mi.com website. Though the products will be sold for Rs. 1, you will have to pay the shipping charges, still that will be less compared to the total cost of the product.

It will not be that easy getting the Redmi 3S prime and / or the Mi Bluetooth Speaker, in case you miss you can try again tomorrow, however the products listings will be different. If you managed to get 3S prime or BT speaker in this Rs. 1 flash sale, do leave your comments below.

Rs. 1 flash sale on 17th october 2016

The Rs. 1 flash sale will begin on Mi.com, you need to login.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in