WhatsApp recently updated their privacy policy, since Facebook acquired WhatsApp the updated privacy policy will enable some of the user’s data being shared between WhatsApp and Facebook. You can however disable / opt out of WhatsApp Facebook data sharing.

What does it mean allowing WhatsApp to share data with Facebook

If you accept the privacy policy some WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook. According to WhatsApp Privacy policy – sharing the data will help Facebook show relevant ads, offers, fight spam across app and make better product suggestions. Nothing you share on WhatsApp with other users will be shared, you can read the new WhatsApp Privacy policy here.

How to disable WhatsApp Facebook data sharing

Well most of you might have got the popup notification on WhatsApp when using WhatsApp and many of you might have knowingly or unknowingly accepted it.

If you have accepted the WhatsApp Facebook terms and condition you can opt out if you want.

Here are the steps to opt out of WhatsApp Facebook data sharing privacy policy

  • Start WhatsApp
  • Go to Accounts settings
  • There you will find share my account info that will be checked (tick) – Note this option will not be shown if you had already disabled / had not already opted for data sharing.
  • Just uncheck share my account info – that’s it.

Opt out of / Disable Whatsapp Facebook data sharing

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in