OnePlus 5T Price will be same as OnePlus 5 as per reports

As you all know OnePlus will be launching their next handset the OnePlus 5T on 16th November and now as per reports this flagship killer will carry the same price tag that the OnePlus 5 is currently selling for.

According to TechRadar the OnePlus 5T price will be same as OnePlus 5. And that also makes sense cause OnePlus stopped production of OnePlus 5. If the price is the same then that also points out to the fact that the specs will be near about the same as OnePlus 5, only major difference will be the front panel and the screen with 18:9 aspect ratio.

If indeed the price is the same then the (in stock) OnePlus 5 handsets price will be dropped to give way to OnePlus 5T. Anyway the 5T will be officially announced on the 16th, this will be a global launch and the OnePlus 5T price in India will most likely be announced on 16th itself.

OnePlus 5T render

So what do you think, OnePlus 5T same price as OnePlus 5?


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