India gets its first cloud based digital locker called DigiLocker. With DigiLocker active, Indian users will now be able to securely keep their driving license, registration certificates and other documents in digital format, they can also access and verify them anytime, anywhere.

Once you have a DigiLocker account with all your digital certificates there is no need to carry original documents. For example there is no need to carry your driving license and Vehicle RC documents, just carry your phone with the DigiLocker app.

The DigiLocker app gives you access to important documents in digital formats. You can share these documents with other departments and the best part is that when it comes to verification it can be done almost instantly.

digilocker app

You will need to register and create your DigiLocker account – you will need your Aadhaar card number. So once you have you DigiLocker account ready you can keep those important physical documents at home, you get about 1GB of storage space.

digilocker driving license and vehicle registration certificate

The traffic police will have a different app, if required they can verify your details by scanning QR code. The Government will soon be integrating 19 crore vehicle registrations and about 10 core driving licenses. This initiative by  Minister of Road Transport  / Highway and Information and Technology ministry will speed up work and reduce administrative work. It will make it easier to authenticate documents on the spot and also completely reduce paper work.

You can visit or download the digilocker app on Google Play.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -