The Micromax Canvas Tab P702 is a 7 inch tablet that is powered by quad core processor and is priced at ₹7,999. The key highlight about the Tab P702 is that it comes with dual SIM slots with 4G LTE support.

Micromax Canvas tab P702 tablet sports a 7 inch IPS screen supporting 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. This is a dual SIM tablet with voice calling support. The P702 is powered by MediaTek quad core processor clocked at 1.3GHz.

Android Lollipop 5.0 is running the show with 2GB on board RAM and 16GB of on board internal storage along with micro SD card support of up to 64GB. P702 also comes with a 5MP auto focus camera on the rear and a 2MP fixed focus camera on the front. There is single LED flash support for the rear camera.

Micromax Canvas Tab P702 with dual SIM 4G support and voice calling

Key features are 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, Voice Calling, GPS, Bluetooth, DTS sound with powerful dual box speakers and WiFi. Tab P702 gets power from a 3000 mAh battery.

Micromax Canvas Tab P702 is listed and available on for ₹7,999.

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  1. Sir my tab p702 is having Android 6 I want to change it to 5.0 please give me the link for it

  2. Many people say that the tablet market is dead and people only buy smartphones. But that really depends on the specs offered. Many people use their devices to watch movies and a large screen is more desirable there. And if you use a device for work, a larger screen is again desirable. The real problem is that any attempt to float a tablet on the market is so half-hearted.

    Float a tablet with the following specs for 10 k and see the sales
    1) 7 inch 1080 p screen
    2) 10,000 mah battery with USB C and turbo charging
    3) 13 mp rear camera with flash, 5 mp front camera also with flash
    4) 32 gb ROM, at least 64 gb expandable
    5) Pressure-sensitive screen with passive stylus and stylus dock inbuilt, some good pre-installed apps for artists, handwriting recognition etc to use this feature
    6) At least 3 gb and ideally 4 gb RAM
    7) Snapdragon 616 processor
    8) Android 6.0 out of the box
    9) Weight under 290 gms and use a matte finish in the back for maximum user comfort
    10) Software control over color rendering – color temperature, saturation etc so you can adjust to your comfort for movie watching
    11) Dual Sim – 4g + CDMA(works with BSNL EVDO with its unlimited data plan)
    I guarantee as good sales as any smartphone on open sale.

      1. Hey I’m not being greedy at all. Almost all these specs are available in one or other device between 10 and 20 k already. In 6 months time, most devices beyond 10 k will have them. If you jump the market by 6 months you will simply sell more pieces, that is all!

        I’m not even asking for the latest Snapdragon 625 but staying content with 616. 3 and 4 gb RAM is nothing new, pressure sensitive screens, passive stylii and handwriting recognition have been around for almost 3 years now. In fact the Xolo Note now selling at 6 k has these features! ZenUI and CoolUI allow you to change the color rendering of the screen. The only feature that has not become common is Turbo charging. But in 6 months, all phones will be turbo-chargeable and cheap turbo chargers will flood the market. And when you have turbo chargin, have a large battery to take advantage of it. So really it’s a case of putting together certain features and pricing it right, that is all!

  3. Dear All
    MMX has nothing to do with you guys. Their targets are the people who are still away from online marketing & believe to buy from shops. you people know what to do.
    happy buying.

  4. I myself have opened one of the mmx tablets. Battery was third grade and moreover, it was fitted on the panel with a cello tape. Rest materials were hot glued and wires poorly soldered. These mmx tablets are nothing but junks which look good from outside.

  5. Micromax will never sustain in market till they launch good handsets or tabs. Simply they spoil the product with only one foolish spec like battery…

    1. if you are OK with WiFi tab then Xiaomi mi pad is the best.also lenovo yoga series, and Asus tablets are good.

  6. 3000 mah battery for 7 inch tablet, that too 4G connectivity with Lollipop version. OMG.. I thought specs are ok till reading batter capacity, but finally seeing battery capacity, thinking why MMX to launch this kind of product in market…