The Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 is a 7 inch tablet that is powered by MediaTek quad core processor. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. There is no SIM card slot. The hardware is very powerful and comes at an affordable price tag of Rs. 4,849.

Inside the Box
Tablet, quick start guide, data cable, travel charger and product packing list.

Design and Display
The tablet is slim and looks really good (like a big phone). It is slightly curved on the rear and there are no sharp edges. The black colour and the greyish back with texture blend well. It is plastic body with good built quality. Weight with battery is 264 grams and the tablet is 9.46mm thick.

3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port is placed on the top. Power button and volume rocker are on the right side and there is a micro SD card slot on the back.

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 box pack

The capacitive IPS touch screen is 7 inches supporting 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. Touch is smooth and viewing angles are okay. There is no LED notification and only one sensor, accelerometer.

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 review and unboxing

Memory and Storage
This tab comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and 32GB micro SD card support. Of the 8GB storage you will get around 5.1 GB for apps and of the 1GB RAM you will get around 642MB free on the first boot.

OTG is supported and apps are getting installed on the internal storage.

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 review

This tablet is powered by quad core processor (MediaTek MT8127) – 1.3GHz Cortex A7 with Mali 450 MP GPU. Performance is very smooth.

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 hands on


App Result
Quadrant 8799
Antutu 22764
Vellamo Metal (812) Multi core (1193) Browser (1682)
Nenamark 2 89.5 fps
Multi Touch 5 point

Camera and Entertainment
There is single camera, a VGA camera on the front. Camera quality is no good. The Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 can play full HD videos.

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 front speaker

I played asphalt 8, the game got installed on the internal storage. Game play was very smooth. The Tab is powerful and can play many high end games, but the game are getting installed on the internal storage – you may run out of space if you are install many high end games.

The tab support Dolby sound, it sounds great on earphone. There is a single speaker on this tablet and it is placed on the front.

No other issues found with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. There is GPS but I guess it is not much of use unless you are using the net (or if you download the maps and use it offline) and since there is no built in SIM slot you will need to use Wi-Fi to connect to Wi-Fi source.

There is 3450 mAh that does a pretty good job with about 4 to 5 hours of usage time.

Task Time Battery drop (%) (max temp)
Running Benchmark apps 23 minutes 7% (34)
FHD video playback with Wi-Fi on + full brightness 19 minutes 7% (34)
Asphalt 8 Game Play 15 minutes 5% (35)

If you are specially looking for a tablet with a low price tag, the Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 is one of the best options available. The performance is very good and so is the price tag of under Rs. 5000. There is no built in 3G / 2G support, but you can use 3G enabled dongle (you will need check the dongle that will work).

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 is available for Rs. 4,849 exclusively on

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  1. After using this device around 10 months, I can say…. The Tab performance is far better than lava or datawind tabs. As gogi sir says that Many High End Game is Playable on this SUPER Cool Budget Friendly Tab !!!

  2. Gogi GI can post the nenamark score after lollipop update,, mine goes down to 77.4fps,, but in KitKat it was 89.5,,,,

  3. I want to buy a tablet for e book/pdf reading. My budget is around 10k. Which model should I get, have to choose between lenovo tab2 a7 30 and notion ink cain 8?

    1. There are apps that decrease brightness and some decrease blue light that promises to improve sleep even while reading at night. There is screenward available that are designed for anti glare, scratch also that costs 500. kindle reading devices supports eink, but we will miss other reading apps such as scribd. If u are using the device at places where there is no wifi coverage then a7-30 model is suggested which which has sim card slot and supports only 2g network.

    2. With 10k, notion ink Cain 8 is suggested. 8inch screen size, HDMI, and 3g are some of the features that other models u have mentioned doesn’t have. I have also read it doesn’t support GPS. As u are stressing for ebook, PDF reading u can enquire for kindle devices which promises weeks of battery life when charged only once. And also has some technology that is anti glare and that can be read comfortably under sunlight/daylight and comfortable reading at night.

  4. lollipop is here,got the notification today but hasn’t updated yet,it is around 887mb,if anyone updated please share their experience……

    1. Yes I have updated for lenova a7-10 model. Successful. There was no file manager but am using ES file explorer. Every thing has gone well.

      1. Can u please share your experience? In KitKat nenamark score was 89.5 but after lollipop it goes down to 77.4 fps, I can’t understand what’s happening,, can u please check ur scores!!

  5. when i install whatspp on my phone they usually send a code to my Sim number to use WhatsApp and I want to know how to use whatsapp without sim slot in this tab.

    1. please note that you can’t use whatsapp using a single number on 2 devices simultaneously.
      you need 2 different phone numbers to use it on 2 devices.

      Now steps for installing it on a device without sim card……
      1.install the whatsapp apk on the tablet and do the obvious registrations and stuff.but provide the number you want to use it with.(at this point you should have this number working on any phone)
      2.the app will text you with a code on your phone
      3.a timer will appear on the tablet.let it end.
      4.a new option to get the code on call will appear on the tablet after the timer on it will receive a call on your phone and hear the code.
      6.enter this code on the tablet,and voila….

      you now have whats app up and running on your can now remove that number from the phone if not needed

      1. Bt v can use 2 or more whatsapp numbers in a single device..I’m using in my yuphoria.

          1. I guess there is a modified version of whatsapp for this cause. But plz note this is not official.

      2. Shell I connect Aircel 3g dongle to this tab.. If so..please provide information about how to connect

    2. You keep the SIM in an ordinary phone. You will get the code as an SMS to that phone. It worked easily for me.

  6. Can I connect external harddisk for file transfer ,I’m looking to replace my netbook. Please reply ,gogi.

  7. Thanks gogi sir for this review. I was worried does this tab supports fhd video or not.

    1. Connect wifi dongle to desktop which has WiFi pci card installed. And tablet will detect wifi hotspot. Most laptops have inbuilt WiFi.

  8. Hi gogi sir I am planning to buy a lenovo tab2 a7 10 so could u just suggest if it is good for gaming and does it support otg cable and whether it has a HD display

  9. 1. i need a big screen device for web browsing and reading stuff.will this br a good buy?

    2. is the resolution too it worth reading on this device?

  10. Sorry, I didn’t see any reply to those who asked so I’ll ask again: Does lenovo A7 support HDMI or not? If so, is there a need of a cable/ adapter?

    Many thanks

    1. Lenova a7-10 model doesn’t support HDMI feature and hence no HDMI port will be available on the device to connect HDMI devices

  11. dear gogi sir,
    i need 100 tablet for reading e-books and playing videoes only for my students. non-calling tabs can also help me. i want to know which will be the best and cheapest tab for my reqirements?

  12. Gogi,I Want To Buy A Tab For Just Gaming And Videos With Good Display,Battery life,Otg Support,Update To Latest Android OS And Good Sound via Loudspeakers.So What Will You Suggest Me Xolo Tegra Play Note Or Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10?Good Aftersale Service And Customer Support.

  13. Hi Gogi, Extremely Sorry for Duplicate Post 🙂 but I want you to answer on this,

    can you please confirm all the type of video files which can be played by this TAB ?

    Also please confirm if this can Play 720p, 1080p, 4K files.

    Hows its Vibration strength ??

    Can you please confirm on this ASAP ?

  14. Gogi could you do a best tablet segment too?
    At 5k, 10k,20k and 20k above price points?

  15. Thanks GOGI SIR. I bought lenovo tab as per review. Excellent music device. I never heard this quality of music. I am using MMX headphone. All the aspects are good.

    1. Kanna, if you can buy or check with a better quality headphone try it, it will be much, much better than what you experience on MMX headphone.

  16. hi gogi, review canvas p470 it has great specification with three sensors under great budget. I like to buy it.

  17. If you got out of space by installing high end games use folder mount app to move games cache file on external so you can install more games

  18. Really , impressed with logical words ‘camera quality is no good’.. Not fully negative/positive

  19. Hi Gogi,

    I would really appreciate it if you can do a hands on review on the Lenovo S8 tablet as well.
    It is a slightly better tablet hopefully. But your review will help us make a buying decision. (as always)

    1. Chirag yes it does if you look closely but slightly better than as seen on 800 x 480 pixels resolution.

  20. Any news about when the 3g enabled tablet (Lenovo tab 2 a7 30) will release in India.. And the expected price..

    1. Kanna, am not sure, but if you are planning to get one better check it at local stores and then buy. Some dongles ask for login / pass before accessing the net and some work directly. The one that works directly without any login / pass will work.

  21. Acer Iconia A1-713 Tablet (8GB, WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling) Tab is good if you need 3G. available on Amazon india.

  22. Gogi is nenamark score is 59.5 or 89.5 because this chipset is not eaven that premium as its score is eaven better than opo and note 4 ? One more que does it supports hdmi ? Thanks in advance !

  23. Gogi is nenamark score is 59.5 or 89.5 because this chipset is not eaven that powerfull as its score is eaven better than opo and note 4 ? One more que does it supports hdmi ? Thanks in advance !

  24. Of course the promised Lollipop update adds to the appeal. One good reason to wait before buying this is that the Tab 2 A-30 is due for release in March with similar specs except that it will have 16 gb of internal storage and a sim slot to boot. That also may receive the Lollipop update and only costs about 30$ more.

    Gogi, only two questions
    1) Was the FHD video playback smooth when you tested it? Some reviewer on Snapdeal was complaining that there is a stutter in video playback
    2) Does the battery take a long time to charge? Some reviewer was saying it takes almost 4 hours to charge. I plan to buy this(or the A-30) for travel and a long charging time will be unpleasant.

    1. Shyam,
      1. FHD was smooth no issues, I used MX player.
      2. Yes Battery takes times about 4 hour faster if you charge it in off state.

  25. I think Xolo Play Tegra Note 7 is a better option, though it’s a bit pricey, but it’s more worth than this.

    1. No doubt the Nvidia Tegra Note is better. Apparently even the OTA Lollipop update is already available and the pressure-sensitive screen with stylus is a pleasant extra to the extremely powerful CPU and GPU. But the trouble is that it is Xolo not Nvidia who take responsibility for customer service. If your device develops some fault or anything your 8 k is down the drain. 8 k is not that much and may seem worth the risk to many, but Xolo have a very bad reputation for customer service. Lenovo may not be perfect but are much better than Xolo.

      1. The days are gone when Xolo had bad service I think you dont use a xolo handeset coz i am using since 1.5 years my first handset got a little touch problem but xolo gave me a replacement that to a latest model within 8 days

  26. While reviewing this unit, did you face wi-fi disconnection after some time. I am facing this issue, can you help me.