Dosto this is interesting, check out this LEMFO T89, this is a fitness band, and it is also a true Bluetooth wireless earbud. Price is around Rs. 3,500.

You can buy LEMFO T89 here –

There is a 5$ coupon

LEMFO T89 is a fitness band, that comes with color display and it has a storage / charging case that can house the true Bluetooth earbuds.

LEMFO T89 Specifications

Weight : 35 grams
Bluetooth : 5.0
150 mAh battery fitness band
40 mAh battery in individual earbuds
Music usage time around 5 to 6 hours
Fitness band usage time up to 5 days
Fitness band can track steps, calories, distance, sleep, also comes with heart rate sensor.

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    Posted on September 18, 2019
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