Here is another smart eyewear the Laforge Alpha + Beta (Shima) that can display notifications in your field of vision. The concept is similar to what the Google Glass does but this device looks much better in terms of design and functionality.

Google Glass was an interesting gadget that failed to take off. And now here is the Laforge Shima that looks like any ordinary eyewear but it shows up notification in front of your vision, the technology is different – there is small chip on the glass, and series of optical elements in the lens will display information – it looks as if the info is projected in front of you.

The main problem with Google Glass was that users had to look at the display module that was planted on the right side. On the Laforge Shima you are looking at the information as if it is projected in front of you.

Google Glass versus LaForge shima

This smart eyewear works with Android, Windows and iOS platforms. The best part is if you don’t have a perfect eyesight you can buy prescription glasses. For now this eyewear can be used for viewing messages, fitness activities, maps etc, users however cannot use this device to watch videos.

LaForge shima display

There are different modes (Drive, Normal and Active), the smart eyewear will automatically switch to the desired mode for example when speed of 17mph is reached the Shima will switch to Drive mode.

Laforge Shima specifications

This eyewear is powered by 180MHz STM32F439 processor with 1GB storage on Apha model, 4GB storage on Beta model and 8GB on Beta Bold model. Display resolution right eye only is WQVGA – Beta Bold model comes with 2x WQVGA resolution for each eye.

LaForge shima smart eyewear

Other features are Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0, Aux Jack, USB Type C port, touch pad and five tactical buttons. The Beta Bold comes with at least 3MP camera. Sensors : Accelerometer, gyro, light, magnetic and temperature.

To change options users can tap / swipe the sides (eyewear frame). The Alpha + Beta will ship from Q4 2016 and can be pre-booked for $590. The Beta Bold another model that includes a camera will be shipped in 2017.

Official Website : laforgeoptical

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -