The HyperX Fury by Kingston is a memory module that works out of the box on most DDR3 systems. These memory chips are specially made for gaming users. They enhance the overall performance of the system.

The Kingston HyperX Fury can automatically recognize the host platform and configure accordingly. It can also automatically over clock up to 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz. The module is compatible with AMD and Intel platforms. It’s plug and play and does not need any BIOS adjustments.

The Fury DDR3 SDRAM with asymmetrical heat spreader design is available in 8GB and 16GB kits. This works on almost all popular branded motherboards with DDR3 system. HyperX Fury single module 8GB is priced at Rs. 4,500 and the 4GB x 2 kit will cost Rs. 5,000.

The Memory chips are basically for gaming users to get more (much more) out of the system, or for general over clocking enthusiastic.

Kingston Hyperx fury 4GB x 2 kit

Kingston Hyperx fury memory module

Kingston Hyperx fury module

Kingston HyperX Fury Key features

  • Dual Channel.
  • 8GB single, 8GB x 2 Kit, 4GB x 2 Kit.
  • Auto Frequency – 1333 / 1600 / 1866 (MHz).
  • Voltage 1.5v and CAS latency 9-9-9-27 and 10-10-10-30.
  • Stylish heat dissipation (Asymmetric heat spreader design).
  • Compatible with many motherboards (H67, H61, P67, P55, Z68, Z77, Z87 – Intel chipsets and A75, A78, A87, A88, A89, E35 AMD chipsets).
  • Red, Blue, Black and White color options.
  • Price Rs. 4500 onwards.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -