InFocus today launched the InFocus Snap 4 with quad cameras and this Turbo 5 Plus with dual cameras. The InFocus Turbo 5 Plus will be available on Amazon from 21st September for Rs. 8,999. This will be cheapest dual camera smartphone for now.

InFocus Turbo 5 Plus is a dual SIM handset with 4G VoLTE support. It houses the MediaTek MT6750 octa core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. Android 7.0 runs out of the box with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and 64GB micro SD support.

Screen on the InFocus Turbo 5 Plus is of 5.5 inch size with 2.5D curved glass and supporting 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. There is finger print sensor and handset weight is 174 grams. On the back you will find a 13MP + 5MP dual camera setup and on the front there is a 5MP camera.

InFocus Turbo 5 Plus launched

Key features are 4G, VoLTE, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. InFocus Turbo 5 Plus gets power from a 4850 mAh battery. This handset will be Amazon exclusive first sale is on 21st September starting from 12am onwards for Rs. 8,999.

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  1. From the long discussion below, it is clear that mediatek is like maruti cars

    Full value for money for many
    From- The alto man

  2. Coopad 1 vs in focus turbo

    1- Memory expendibity is better in infocus…

    2-Battery is better in infocus due to hd display , mtk processor, big battery…

    3- Heating issue will also not be find in infocus due to mtk processor.

    4- But in terms of processor and display quality Coolpad 1 is better than Infocus.

    So camera quality, build quality and other features are the remaining topics which will be discussed after Infocus release.

    After all duel camera setup , 3gb ram ,32gb rom @ 8k is a great attraction .

    1. Why everyone is crying for snapdragon processor??

      Samsung is market leader they don’t use snapdragon in their phones for which they became NO. 1

      Vivo and Oppo both placed at no. 3 & 4 in Indian smartphone market, they don’t use snapdragon either…

      Still they sell good, still people buy, don’t they???

      Now you will tell they are fooling people in offline mode??

      Then what about MOtO E4 Plus? MT6737 and still 2 lakhs people rated it’s mobile in Ecom sites!!

      Check Lenovo Vive K5 Note… Isn’t it using Mediatek??

      100s of brands uses Mediatek processor but snapdragon users won’t list long in Indian market, it’s a fact.

      Only Xiaomi has managed to provide snapdragon processors, mostly because of 2 reasons.
      1. People might have forgotten Xiaomi VS Mediatek Patent case because of micromax when they introduced Redmi Note 3G during 2014-15. So they don’t have an option either except and only except Snapdragon!!

      2. They do manufacturer and sell good quantities of mobile with similar processor so buying bulk definitely help them in managing cost.

      Otherwise Xiaomi don’t really care too much about snapdragon! They do sell Mediatek powered device outside Indian market.

      By the way only except Snapdragon 8xx series, and SD 625 & 652 which other snapdragon processor was a standout among others ??? All of them were heater.

      SD410, 615, 617, 650, 653 all have a forgettable past!! Other end MT6737, 6750 and MT6753 were also introduced alone with those Snapdragon processor, but they are still being used aggressively by most manufacturer.

      So don’t expect Red wine ? at the price of a beer ? accept the Mediatek at these prices!!

      ** I have given only a fact based opinion. No support for Mediatek either!!

      1. MTK chipsets have network issues. I have Vibe K5 note and the network fluctuates a lot, i am from Hyderabad city and live in the urban space. Plus, my VOLTE just disappears now and again and i have to go the sim settings and disable the volte sim and enable again to get back VOLTE.

        MTK chipset phones do not get updates, same with Vibe K5 note as well.

        Everything else is just fine, no issues.

        1. My Coolpad Dazen 1 with SD410 have same issues. My friend’s K5 Note do not have any such issues. Can’t blame everything on processor or chipset. Sometimes we do get lemons in any brand and model. And can pls enlighten me how mtk is associated with software updates?

          1. 410 is a very old chipset, don’t want to discuss anything on that. If you go with the trend, MTK chipset phones actually never get software updates, there might be some underlying problem but the trend is such.

      2. Exactly on the spot explanation. People talking in benchmarks language should understand that there won’t be much difference in real world usage.

    2. And you purchase Vivo and oppo handsets with proud,

      That time you did not consider that almost 95% handsets from vivo and oppo are mediatak powered.

      For everyday use mediatak is excellent choice.

      For a computer science student it is easy to know difference

      1. Absolutely great reply from mr. Abinash..
        I am using infocus m530 as my primary phone for 2yr+ still running and doing all the daily works very smoothly..this is also have mediatek processor 6595 i think..
        One thing is very clear if specs is right for mtk processor then it can also do wonder..
        May be mtk premium chipsets are not good like SD premium chipsets but thr mid-range chipsets are really good for daily usages..

          1. Exactly Mr.Sankalp image qwality of m530 is awesome and now looking for a new phone with that image qwality or x4 android one version in my mind.. let’s c..

        1. Bought the Infocus M2 3G version in 2015 for my Dad. He’s still using it, just the display cracked after some drops, otherwise great phone!..reboots sometimes, touch buttons sometimes less responsive, but heck bought it for 4999 back then and it is still healthy!

  3. I had InFocus M2 which was an awesome phone at that time. Unfortunately it didn’t last long due to liquid damage. The InFocus Turbo Plus looks pretty good in terms of specs and price. I will surely buy this Turbo Plus if this comes with 2 SIM card slots and a separate SD card slot. Not really a fan of hybrid slots in smartphones these days. For this reason, I don’t like my Redmi Note 3..

  4. Infocus is back with bang, and how. Real tough competition for Xiaomi after long time. Infocus may not kill RN4 & Mi A1, but surely eat away considerable share.

  5. If Amazon gives any discounts on this phone during great Indian sale then its price goes up to 7999 or even less then its a great must buy.

  6. Hope InFocus will not come up with the same disgusting thick black borders around the screen, which was the case with InFocus Turbo 5.

  7. Great…. Now, the true war begins….

    Pure android lovers Mi A1 is for them at Rs 14999

    But those who can go with propeitary skins….

    Dual Cam Option begins for just 8999 onwards….


    Let’s wait for its review…..

    For my personal usage, 32 GB i.e, 23 GB available is much more enough since jio came into existence….

    Redmi 4 2/16 got a great competitor, Tenor now Redmi 4 3/32 gets a competitor.

    Let’s wait for Gogi Bro’s review….

      1. Yes brother, I kept the discounts aside as discount can be availed on almost all the devices which leads to net difference somewhat same….

        I also asked my friend for coll 1 dual but he was not willing to go with black borders… But that device is truly promisong for its price

    1. And you purchase Vivo and oppo handsets with proud,

      That time you did not consider that almost 95% handsets from vivo and oppo are mediatak powered.

      For everyday use mediatak is excellent choice.

      For a computer science student it is easy to know difference