The HP smart Tank 530 is perfect for home and office use, it looks a bit different from other ink tank printers cause it is specially made for a certain kind of activity. If you scan / copy documents a lot specially multiple documents at a time then this is the best printer for you, kind of a personal Xerox machine. Plus cost per page is 10 paise. 

HP Smart Tank 530 Review

The Installation Process was pretty simple and quick, no issues as such. I liked the touch screen display that would display all the needed info during installation. Touch response was pretty good.

Just follow the setup guide and you can get the printer ready to use in minutes. You can watch me setup the printer in the video below.

As I mentioned this printer is best if you have a lot of documents that you either scan or copy. This printer comes with a top loader wherein you can place multiple documents and the printer will then scan and print the pages one by one and you can collect the original doc on the top area and the printed doc in the print out tray. 

Alexa and Google Assistant is supported but I guess their usage is limited for example Alex print the shopping list, or Ok Google print list of holidays this month and so on. 

The print quality is pretty good both Black and Color. This is spill proof design, makes it easier to fill / top up ink tank The single black ink bottle can print up to 6000 pages and inside the box you get 3 black ink bottle which means you can print up to 18000 black and white pages. The 3 color bottles can print up to 8000 color pages. 

This Printer comes with built in Wi-Fi, you can connect to router or you can connect to router or you can also use the wi-fi direct option. I usually prefer the wi-fi direct option. 

Automatic Duplex printing is not supported, printer does make noise when printing which is normal. 

Overall a really good printer, specially as I mention for those who scan / copy a lot (multiple docs at a time) – best for home use and for office use. 

Buy here for Rs. 16,999 –

Rating 4.5 /5

Watch the video here

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -