Samsung Star II Duos C6712 is one of the hot selling Dual SIM touch screen pone in India. This is not a 3G phone but the price tag of Rs. 5,990 for this touch screen is attracting many consumers. The C6712 comes with many features and one of them is making a fake call.

Many mobile phones come with the fake call option, but what is this fake call option?

Imagine you are in a tight situation be it with your guest, friends or in a meeting and you want to get out of it. Just press the hot key and fake call will be enabled which will then ring your phone after sometime. All you need to do is pick up the phone and start talking. Since this is a fake call there will be no one talking from the other side. But people around you will think that you are actually engaged in a call. You can then make an excuse that it was an urgent call and you have to leave immediately.

Making a fake call Samsung C6712
Making a fake call Samsung C6712

Some mobile phones also allow you to record a voice so when you get that fake call the recorded voice will be heard from the other side. You can make the whole situation look more convincing by activating the speaker phone as soon as you get the fake call so others can hear your conversation and will believe you.

How to activate Fake call from your Samsung Star II Duos C6712

  • Go to settings > Applications > Call > Fake Call > Fake Call hot key and save it.
  • You can set the delay time when the call be made after the fake call hot key is pressed.
  • To set Fake call timer go to settings > applications > call > fake call > fake call timer.
  • You can even record voice which will look more realistic. To do so go to settings > applications > call > fake call > Fake call voice > record voice. Save when done.

How to make a fake call?

Hold and press the volume key down when in idle mode the fake call will come up after a specified length of time that you have defined.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -