ACi Asia has launched a low cost laptop ACi Icon 1100 for Rs. 4,999 and no doubt it claims to be the lowest cost laptop in India, for now. The 1100 laptop are windows compatible, but I don’t think it can run the latest windows OS version.

We have been seeing a rise in tablet PC’s, a decent one is available for around Rs. 5,000. Laptops price are pretty much over 8,000. In fact it would not be right to call the Icon 1100 a laptop or a matter of fact even a netbook, have a look at the specification and you will know why.

The display screen is 10.2 inches with resolution of 1024 x768 – the resolution is very low as compared with today’s standards but this is what you get when you buy a low end netbook. The 1100 comes with 512MB RAM which can be upgraded to 1GB. Netbooks come with at least 1 GB RAM and running windows OS, XP in this case, on a mere 512MB will be extremely slow.

This laptop comes with 4 GB internal storage which can be expanded to 32GB using microSD card. It is possible to load windows OS using the microSD card or external USB pen drive, but at the most you can run lower version of windows like Windows XP.

ACi Icon 1100 low cost Laptop

Other features are Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity (optional), front camera, USB port and built in sound system. Specification wise this looks like a tablet in a form of a Laptop – however do note that 1100 does not come with a touchscreen display.

ACi Icon 1100 Key features

  • Single core VIA CPU (MHz / GHz. Unknown)
  • 512MB RAM / 1GB (upgradable).
  • 4GB internal storage, MMC / SD card slot, microSD support up to 32GB.
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet Adaptor, 3G ready – optional, 3xUSB 2.0 port, Front camera (Web Cam) and push card reader (SD card).
  • This laptop weighs around 700 grams with Battery.
  • Battery mAh and Battery life unknown.

For a price of under Rs. 5000 this is not bad. It looks like a promising device for users who cannot afford a laptop, until now. For such users speed is not an issue. Advance users can probably try other OS which may work better than Windows.

ACi Icon 110 can be ordered online via ACI Asia Website.

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  1. gogi, please review the acer-aspire-p3-171 windows 8 tablet hybrids. Two models(with i3 and i5 processors respectively) are already selling on flipkart. Windows 8 tablets powerful enough to be useful as proper Windows computers and the rate is down from almost 1 lakh rupees for Microsoft’s Surface Pro to just around 65 k for the i5 model here.

  2. The most remarkable thing is the weight! even an ipad weighs 660 gms and that’s just the screen and battery minus keyboard. The sony xperia z weighs slightly under 500 gms and that is thought a wonder of the age. These are top companies selling at upmarket prices. On the other hand, this thing is just 700 gms including the keyboard with full usb slots etc?! That too at this price point!! Even if this project flops, other companies should try to find out how these unknown people managed to make a computer of this size and this form factor so light.

  3. Gogi ji plz tel me its better to buy or not????????? i want to buy this,,,,,,,plz tel me

    1. clearly its just a net book, and good for kids, or just surfing at home, batt backup will be very poor, also dont try any higher software and MS office higher versions on this. graphics will be bad. its totally avoidable for woprk, its a toy, or a bad netbook. 512 ram, jeeez.

    2. My advice is to wait for reviews. Don’t pre-order or anything. But even if you eventually decide to buy, opt for the 1 gb ram upgrade and the 32 internal space through microsd. But of course, the total cost may then be closer to 10k. You can get secondhand Windows XP laptops with much better specs(faster processor, much more storage space) for just 3 or 4k more. Perhaps less. Your call. Find out a person with bootable windows XP on a flash drive first and buy it from them because XP needs a fresh re-install every year.(Only pay money after they’ve come and installed it the first time. Find out how to do it so you can do it again from time to time as necessary) As vjain1234 says, battery life will not be more than 2.5 hours. You can mostly use this keeping it plugged in and using the battery when the power fails.
      Provided they give you a decent processor(dual core 1.5 ghz at least) there may be some advantages of such an arrangement over buying an android tablet at the same price. Such as
      1) You get a USB charging hub(You can plug in a usb charging music player like transcend and it will charge)
      2) Don’t have to worry about any such nonsense as dongle compatibility. All dongles will work
      3) You can use many programs in a portable standalone form and run them off a flash drive, saving internal storage space.
      4) You can always watch movies and download data off a flash drive. Don’t need to ask whether OTG support is available.
      5) You can do things like C or Pascal or Python programming which there’s no hope of doing on android(except possibly online at dedicated websites)
      6) No need to ask what multimedia types are supported. With a decent codec pack, they are all supported. Likewise with any file type
      7) You can download whatever you want, however you want. No download protocol restrictions unlike ios.
      8) You can do things like splitting up a file into several pieces of smaller size to e-mail to a friend. Not sure such apps exist for android(or ios) or if they are very reliable.

  4. Hi, Its sounds good whn comes to price but if it lags speed its worthless…

    We are looking 4 your unbox video and your reviews on it.

  5. Dear Gogi

    Let me Know That How Many Space Require for Window Xp Installation

  6. hi Gogi, interesting, never heard of the company name before. says UK based. did you say you can load up windows XP on this netbook ?

    1. The company says its windows compatible. The link is given at the end of the article.