Swipe Tab All in One tablet with dual SIM for under Rs. 12000

Swipe telecom has now launched Swipe Tab All in One, and proudly claims to be the first to launch a dual SIM tablet in India. The USP is 7 inch screen, dual cameras, dual SIM with 3G support and GPS.

The All in one tablet is powered by a single core 1.5GHz processor coupled with PowerVR GPU clocked at 500 MHz. Add to this a 1GB RAM (DDR3) with 8GB internal storage sailing on the Android 4.0 OS (ICS). The tablet weighs 330 grams and is 11 mm thin.

On the Swipe Telecom website it is clearly mentioned that the Processor is 1.5 GHz (Cumulative Frequency), which means the 1.5GHz includes the GPU frequency. It is safe to assume that the processor will be of 1GHz frequency (1.0GHz + 0.5GHz (500MHz)=1.5GHz).

The display resolution is 1028×768 pixels on a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen. There are 2 SIM slots (Dual SIM) with 3G support. This tab can be used as a phone. There is Wi-Fi, not sure if it has Bluetooth, but does come with GPS and built in FM radio.

The battery is of 4000 mAh capacity that should easily give a usage time of about 5 to 6 hours or even mode depending on the usage.

swipe tab all in one with dual SIM

swipe all in one tablet

Swipe Tab All in One key features and specifications

  • 1.5 GHz (1GHz CPU + 500 MHz Power VR GPU)
  • Dual SIM with 3G support.
  • Android ICS (4.0).
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and micro SD slot that will support cards up to 32GB.
  • 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with 1028×768 pixels resolution.
  • Rear 2 Megapixel camera (fixed focus) plus a front 1.3MP camera for video chats using Skype.
  •  3G(WCDMA), 2G, Voice calling, Wi-Fi, GPS (with voice navigation), FM radio, enhanced dual Speakers, Bluetooth (needs confirmation) and 3.5mm jack.
  • 4000 mAh marathon Battery.
  • Price under Rs. 12K.

The Swipe all in one tablet seems like a normal phone in a form of a tablet. The screen resolution is great, GPU power I am not yet sure how it will be as compared with Mali 400 GPU, though I believe the PowerVR performance will be lower. What I like is the built in GPS and FM radio, however it’s still not clear if the tab has built in Bluetooth – its not mentioned in the specs but in the image it is mentioned.

Though the tablet does come with tempting features the dual core tabs is what many users will prefer.

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  1. manoj says

    hi gogi,

    lovely reviews and analysis……as always….have been following u often…..can u help me decide between a swipe all in one tab or a milagrow tabtop MGPT-09 ,8 GB.


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  2. chandusingh says

    How does the battery life for you guys after the purchase of the swipe all-in-one tab, i was discussing with swipe telecolm support one the support guys admited that they have know issues with the battery, and i arranged a conference with them and the other say that no one is facing the battery issues, i charge my batter before going to office and by the time i am back home the battery is discharged , so the same was discussed with support they never admit to agree that its not possible . Can any one face the same issue, the battery life is just 2 hrs if i use it continuously.

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  3. megha says

    Dear gogi, I want to purchase a tab within rs 12000 with necessary features in addition to which also can be used for calling or as phone. Can you recommend the best within this price range.

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  4. akash sharma says

    hey gogi,

    I am looking for a tab with 2G sim supportive TAB with a good resolution(a budget tablet). So, will you please help me out as to which one should I go for?

    Needed specs:
    Bluetooth, voice call cupport, 2G data connectivity, good resolution(>480X800) a good processor for gaming. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

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    • Gogi Ranagogi says

      Aakash, the funbook talk will be the best as its with mail 400 GPU, powerful as other tabs and with 2G sim slot / phone functionality. I think it also has Bluetooth (pls confirm that).

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  5. varinder garcha says

    Dear gogi pls suggest me I want to buy a new tablet with dual sim, android ,Bluetooth, dual camera and 3g support with 7inch screen good sound and best movie quality confuse between swipe all in one, cubit tablet phone and samsung glaxy duos 11k my amount pls suggest me earlier.

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    • Gogi Ranagogi says

      Varinder, galaxy duos is a phone not a tab, decide you want a tab or phone.
      You can either go for Swipe All in One or Micromax A110 (5 inch phone).

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  6. subham says

    So please please tell me which tab to buy adcom 707 for 4k(A13 with 3.5k mah) or Veedee d13 for 4k(a13 battery unknown) or micromax alpha for 5k(a13 and good after sales srevice and looks best) or any other tab plsssss. All the above tablets are available on homeshop18 and can be bought for rs.500 less. Pls gogi help me. Good looks, reliability, performance and battery back up is most important to me ,my max budget is 5k(fully extended). AND PLEASE CHECK HS18 AND GO TO TABLETS AND SUGGEST A TAB FOR ME UNDER 5.5K MAX 5K PREFFERED PLSS I WILL PRAISE YOU A LOT LOT LOT IF YOU DO SO.Pls gogi don’t ignore my post or set it in pending pls, i am student and the money i have collected is hard collected money and so i want the best my money can buy.

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  7. Kiran says

    Hi gogi, please put the video of Unboxing and review of the swipe all in one tablet. And also show the comparision between samsung tab 2.

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