ZOOOK Rocker Thunderbird Portable 24W party speaker with MIC

If you love to party here is a party speaker, the ZOOOK Rocker Thunderbird, its portable, it’s light weight and quite loud thanks to 24W output. This portable speaker comes with a Microphone too, perfect to hold parties.

You can buy here for Rs. 2,399

Amazon- https://amzn.to/301OCrS
Flipkart – http://fkrt.it/wF3qsoNNNN

ZOOOK Rocker Thunderbird features

24W Bluetooth Stereo with TWS Function
Rock-Solid Connection with Bluetooth 5.0
IPX55 Waterproof
Richer Bass & Crystal Sound
Tough and Solid
24 Watts Dynamic HD sound quality ( Dual Drivers with Bass radiators)
Supports TWS i.e. if you have two such speakers you can connect them together.


This is best for parties, you get a mic option too, to host or you can use it with karaoke. Sound is pretty loud for the size and the sound quality is pretty impressive too. There is a knob to adjust the volume / switch on / off.

This speaker comes with many connectivity options – FM, Bluetooth, Aux in, Mic in and there is a USB port too to connect pen drive.

ZOOOK Rocker Thunderbird


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