Micromax has sent out a teaser video that indicates that the company will soon launch a dual camera smartphone in India. It will be called the Micromax Evok Dual Note – hash tag #EvokDualNote coming soon.

Micromax had launched the Dual 5 a dual camera smartphone in India with price tag of Rs. 24,999. They were targeting that for the offline markets. The price was indeed high. Hope with the EvokDualNote they keep the price tag at an affordable range.

The full specifications of Micromax Evok Dual Note is not yet known, see if any of you can find a similar phone out there that probably Micromax could re-brand. The Evok Note that was launched by Micromax was priced at around Rs. 10,000. Let’s wait and see.

What you think?

Micromax Evok Dual Note coming soon

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  1. MMX, the brand which toppled Samsung from the top in India in past, is now reduced to selling rebranded Chinese items.

    So sad!

    1. Ever since,they have always been selling rebranded devices.only thing is people were not much aware in the past. But now people are more intelligent than these rebranded companies.

  2. Does not matter if it is re-branded, but they should price it right. Next month Xiaomi is also launching dual camera phone. Will be a very tough competition to Micromax.

  3. When they were going to launch the Dual 5, I was expecting a price tag of under Rs. 15,000/- Lets see what they do this time

      1. Nope they don’t. Apple and Samsung design their phones in California and South Korea resp.

          1. The point is it will be rebrand version.. Indian companies are not going in R&D and designing. This way they have to start from zero. And product price will be high…

      2. Pratham ….Micromax has the uncanny nack of getting the JUNK from the Chinese Market

      3. if you have own r&d,if you create your phone with your knowledge and you manufacture it in china, then no problem. but claiming as your phone which is design, developed and manufactured by other company is totally disgusting.that is what micromax is doing.