How to hard reset Micromax A116, and avoid Flipboard app

If you have already installed the Flipboard app on the Micromax A116 then you already know why. But in case you have not, do not try it. Installing Flipboard app on the Micromax A116 will cause a hell lot of issues and will make the OS unstable with launcher service stopped error popping up all the time.

The only way to recover is to hard reset the Micromax A116. The process is simple and a little different as the enter button is bit tricky. Check the procedure listed below. You will need to shut off the phone it again will be tricky as the error will keep popping the best way would be to remove the battery and insert it again.

How to hard reset Micromax A116 (canvas HD).

  • Shut the phone off.
  • Press Power button hold and then immediately press volume + and volume – simultaneously (all 3 buttons) until you get two options.
  • Press the volume up button to enter into the recovery mode.
  • You will see the android icon, and it will be the same for as long as you do not press the power button once. So press the power button once.
  • Then you will find the menu options. Use the volume up and down button to choose the option. And press the enter button to confirm it.
  • Now the enter button is a bit tricky and in fact a combination of two buttons. On other phones we have seen there is only one button but here it’s two. The power button on some handsets work as the enter button but not on A116. If you press the power button you will get the android image again press the power button again to come back to the menu. For enter button you need to press the left (context menu) and the right (back) touch sensitive buttons simultaneously and hold for a sec.
  • Choose the wipe data / factory reset then press the enter button as mentioned above you will then see some more options use the volume button to navigate to the yes option and press the enter button again. This will do the factory reset and then use volume button to select the reboot now option and press the enter button again. All done, back as it was when you opened the box pack.

How to factory reset Micromax A116 canvas HD

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  1. Rajesh Rai says

    Mr Gogi thanks for this article. I will also stuck in the recovery mode option. Tried your method of pressing both soft button at the same time, but it did not worked. So in frustration tried all type of key combination. But there was no progress. So finally started pressing many times left and right soft key. Finally it worked. Thanks for your idea.

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