The XOLO One handset that is available in India for under Rs. 6,599 will get Lollipop update pretty soon. The specification on the XOLO website had already mentioned that the handset can be upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

XOLO has now confirmed that they will roll out the Lollipop update from 16th January 2015. It will be rolled out in a phased manner, in case you are using the XOLO One handset and do not get the update notification on or after 16th, wait for few days and try again.

The Android 5.0 (also called Lollipop) update on the XOLO One handset will happen over the air (FOTA). The handset is currently running KitKat over a 4.5 inch screen with FWVGA resolution. This dual SIM handset comes loaded with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and micro SD card support.

XOLO One lollipop update

XOLO One houses a 1.3GHz MediaTek MTK6582M quad core processor with Mali 400 MP2 GPU. Key features are 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 5MP rear camera and VGA front camera.

The 1700 mAh battery that the handset gets power from gives about 8 hours of talk time on a single charge.

If you have the XOLO one get ready for a Lollipop. XOLO One is now available for approx Rs. 6,000.

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  1. I just updated my xolo one mobile after installing lollipop my mobile internal storage is 700mb used from 1.94gb. Now there is not enough space for all my application. Help me.

  2. There is a very severe bug in android lollipop and that is “the memory leakage” problem and that will be sorted out most probably in android 5.0.3 update….bcoz of this bug the new android os even after consuming its own huge space in the RAM sometimes also occupies the space occupied by some other application which results in crashing of that application…..and this is the reason why they didn’t provided the ota update for the android one handsets and if they would have done that at that time most of the users would have got frustated bcoz of that…….

  3. The reason for delay in lollipop update for android one is that lollipop is having bugs even after 5.0.2 update. Maybe google is making sure that update is bug free. A delayed update is better than buggy update.

  4. Gogi ,don’t you think Google cheated users with android one phones at the time of release they said all android one will be among first to get android l update but now after 2 months of official release of android l no news when all android one phones will be getting the update.

  5. Where the hell is my update google and mmx? bought this android one sh*t only to stay updated.

  6. We are cheated by GOOGLE android one.
    They promised two year updates.
    My google android one is the worst idiot crappy handset that I have ever seen
    It doesn’t have file manager & it always get hang.
    I am trying to get rid of android one+google.
    I am thinking of windows mobile.
    I pity myself buying on ANDROID ONE device.

  7. Now even google started making millions of Indians fool. They sold millions of android one handsets by saying that these phones will get updates like nexus series as android one is backed by google itself. Nexus series got 5.0 then 5.01 then 5.02 but there is no word from google about updates for android one series even after 2 months of official release of android 5.0 Dis is disgraceful.

    1. Exactly Yashmit, even I use a Android One.. Google lied to million peoples for fastest updates..

      1. Ha Ha told you so guys. This is why you should never buy MTK handsets. You will receive update in March. That too of 5.1.

  8. Haha nice XOLO…though XOLO one is not a Android one Phone series but still Android L Update..

    Micromax,Spice,Karbonn are you sleeping ??What about your Android one? 😀