The Xiaomi Redmi 1S flash sales will start on 2nd September. The handset is here to compete with the Moto G, it is powered by qualcomm snapdragon quad core processor running MiUi based on Android 4.3 and priced at Rs. 5,999. The Key highlight is the hardware and the price tag.

Inside the box: It is a small box that houses the Redmi 1S, data cable, user guide, warranty statement, travel charger and 2050 mAh battery. Earphone is not included. SAR Value as mentioned on the box – 1.2W/kg (MAX).

Design and Display
The screen is scratch resistant (to some extent) and just like the Xiaomi Mi3 the Redmi 1S box pack does not mention that. Build quality and finishing is very good, looks like premium phone and very comfortable to hold (because of the size).

Rear cover is metal gray colour with matte finish. It is also a little slippery as the Mi3, so you need to be extra careful. Body has got a curvy design and there are no sharp edges. Power button, volume rockers are on the right, micro USB port at the bottom and 3.5mm audio jack on the top. Weight with battery is 164 grams and dimensions are 69.43mm x 137.43 x 9.49mm.

The IPS touch screen is 4.7 inches supporting 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. The viewing angles are good – the screen gets a little darker from some angles. Touch is very smooth and responsive. There is LED notification and you can change the colours too. The LED notification is placed just below the bright red dedicated home button.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S box pack

There are accelerometer, proximity, light, gyro and magnetic sensors.

OS, Memory and Storage
The Redmi 1S runs on MiUi version 5 based on Android 4.3. Performance is good however the 1GB RAM seems insufficient at times, especially when you are running app that needs more RAM or multiple apps are running.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S review and unboxing

Of the 1GB RAM minimum free space is 450 MB, and it will reduced as you start using the phone. Clean the memory as often as you can for better performance. The free RAM available could drop to as low as 120MB.

There is 8GB storage of which about 6.14GB is allocated as internal storage (4.12GB available). OTG is supported. There is micro SD slot that supports up to 64GB cards. Apps are installed on internal storage and there is no option to move to external storage.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S review

Performance and Benchmark
The Redmi 1S houses the 1.6 GHz qualcomm snapdragon 400 MSM8228 quad core processor coupled with Adreno 305 GPU. Performance is lag free but as mentioned when the memory gets low you could experience some issues. I got low memory warning when running vellamo benchmark app. And apart from that there were issues with the camera app (happens when the handset is heated up – over 39 degrees). If you are not comfortable with the MiUi then you can select the lite mode for a very simple and easy to use interface.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S build quality

Benchmark scores

App Result
Quadrant 10422
Antutu 19703
Vellamo Browser (1281) Metal (862) Multicore (1046)
Nenamark 2 46.2fps
Multi Touch 10 point

I installed the MC4 (Modern Combat 4) and Real Racing 3. These games got installed on the internal storage. Game play was smooth and I did not find any issues when playing these games.

Camera and Entertainment
There is 8MP rear AF camera with LED flash and a 1.6MP on the front. There are issues with the camera app. I had installed the latest updates. When I was shooting the sample images I found two issues. The camera app was closing down without any errors, I had to tap the camera app to start the app. At times when I would click an image the camera app would close without any warning.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S 8MP rear AF camera

The next issue was when I was recording a full HD sample video. It started off well but after sometime the screen started to lag and froze for few seconds but there was no issue with the recording. Every time you start the camera app you will need to set video quality to FHD if you want to record in that mode.

For this price the camera quality is very good and so is the FHD video quality. The handset can play FHD videos.

Update: I tried recording a video in FHD the temp was 34 degree and I did not find any issues – there was no screen lag. I used the handset for some time to get the temperature at 40 degrees and then started the video recording again in FHD resolution, the screen started to lag.

It seems when the temperature is high around 40 degrees the camera app will create issues, it might close down anytime or when recoding videos you will see the screen lagging a lot.

Sound is loud and clear, no issues with in-call speaker / quality. There is Dirac option (Optimize audio quality). The handset does get heated up with heavy usage and you can feel it near the camera module on the back. But temperature was well within 45 degrees. 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth worked well. Got the first GPS lock within 5 seconds. It is a dual SIM handset with 3G support. You need 2 normal SIM’s.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S SIM slots (2 x normal SIM)

There is 2050 mAh removable battery. Here is how the battery performed.

Task Time Battery drop (%) (max temp)
Running Benchmark apps 38 minutes 18% (39)
FHD video playback (loop) with Wi-Fi on + full brightness 38 minutes 14% (37)
MC4 + Real Racing 3 GamePlay 20 minutes 10% (40)

Battery backup is pretty good you can expect 3.5 to 5.5 hours of continuous usage depending on the app with Wi-Fi on.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S 2050 mAh battery

It is a powerful handset with a very affordable price tag. However there are issues – camera app (at high temperature) and low memory. Probably it could get fixed / tweaked with future updates. But still considering the price and the hardware the Xiaomi Redmi 1S is still a very good buy.

Redmi 1S on Flipkart for Rs. 5,999.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Image Gallery

Sample images shot using the Redmi 1S

Sample images front camera

Redmi 1S video review

1080p video shot using the Redmi 1S handset

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  1. How to reinstall MIUI-JHCMIBH 56.0 instead of in REDMI1S mobile

  2. Can anybody please suggest good headphone with mic for redmi 1s below rs 700. Thanx

  3. Hi my mobile is gone automatically into airplane mode….so the phone not recognizing Sim cards …and they are not working in that mobile..if those sim cards are put into another normal mobile then those working…..

  4. Please suggest me to provide 3g Video calling success-full on my Red mi 1S. thanks

  5. I wonder why there is much noise / interference in my landline phone when my mobile phone (Redmi 1s)is close to the landline phone. Does it mean high radiation and is it safe to carry in shirt pocket ????

  6. I am looking forward to buy redmi 1s. Flipkart has closed the item. When is it available again and where else can I buy if available?

  7. There are lots of ROM flash and enjoy the power of Redmi 1s It is powerful but miui ROM ram hungry so flash the ROM and enjoy thanks.

  8. Dear gogi bro I m huge fan of yours
    Bro I want to know is modern combat 5 playable in my redmi 1s

  9. I bought the redmi 4g yesterday but I seem to have some problem with the usb port I cannot charge the phone the same charger works fine with other phones

  10. I am facing problem with camera the flash is not working properly sometimes it also fails to open.

  11. Dear Admin…
    I am planning to buy Redmi 1s on next sale in Flipkart on 27th January.

    I heard that there is no back light in the touch switch panel (Back, Home & Menu)

    Is it right ??

  12. Hello brother, I got this phone recently and updated it to the latest available I have faced no issues in the phone but comparing to gaming why the phone is discharging much faster while browsing internet or internet related application, please suggest anything that might solve this.

  13. CAMERA ISSUES. Sometimes it fails to start and even if it does it does not capture!!
    Currently running MIUI JHCMIBH45.0

  14. hi, i bought new redmi 1s from flipkart,the problem is when i connect the phone to the computer with the cable, the contents are not showing, only the pictures are showing but not all videos,music …. why it is showing like that

  15. hi i got new Redmi 1s , its really good one and worthable phone but last one day i cant able to insert my headphone. if i insert mobile did not accept my headphone not cant able to listen song and all . so if any one knows can u guide me hot to solve this problem

    1. When you Insert headphone for 1st, there will be a notification for its configuration in the notification shade Click on that. If still it’s not showing then go to Settings>Sound>Optimize Sound quality, If still the problem arises then check your headphones. Cheers 🙂

  16. Hi, I just want to know why is my screen flickering. And I haven’t updated yet I’m scared if something goes wrong. Other than that everything’s perfect

  17. hi guys i am using redmi 1s from last few days and default i got 36 and i had updated to 45 but heating issue is not solved please guys help me why is this happen rather than everything is nice………..

  18. I updated my mobile v45 and after that I plug my OTG Cable……… mobile not able to read my pen drive my format is Fat32……

  19. Hello Gogi, does redmi 1s really supporting otg b’coz I connected a HP 16 gb pendrive via a otg cable & the phone didn’t showed any notification or something.

  20. Hey Guys!! Seems I am the lucky one. Using this phone for last 40 days. There was heating and battery problem initially. Got updated to v45. Both the problems reduced a lot. I am very very happy. 6000/- me bachche ki jaan leni hai kya??? Moto G @ half the price. Fortunately for me, both of my Xiaomi MI3 and Redmi 1S are doing superb.

  21. Sir I want to buy a smart phone but i confuse in Redmi 1s & huawei honour holy . which is better smart phone

    1. both are awsm..depend on u which u wanna buy. redmi is cool bt huawei also good. both have best features.

  22. I am also brought from flipkart ,In my phone while turn on hotspot it will automatically turn on and off after switched off only hotspot will off help me

  23. Sir I have one problem in my Redmi 1s. I have a idea demo sim card and when ever i want to recharge other mobile i receive SMS sending fail massage or when ever i want to see my stock balance that means my balance amount by using sim tool option i receive massage like SMS sending failed. Please help me…..

    Thanking you

  24. I purchased the Redmi 1s during the second flipkart sale. I have noticed a few problems and wonder if you could help me sort them out. I have activated DND on my phone in the night, and have wi-fi set to always on. I have switched off data. However, every morning, the data automatically gets enabled (even though the wi-fi is on) and I get charged for usage.

    I simply do not understand why this happens. I should not have to manually switch off data every day, when it is switched off in the settings.

    The other problem is that often the phone – during the DND timing set – goes into airplane mode, without my setting it. Again this means I have to check my phone every night and in the morning and see that it is off, otherwise I cannot receive calls.

    Your reply and inputs will be appreciated.


    S. Munwani

    1. It is due to power settings when power is below 30% all the mobile data and WiFi is switched off after the battery level reached 31% it turn on

  25. Hai ,the red mi 1s everything is perfect but there is navigation buttons means back, home, option buttons lights is not coming.
    I don’t know above this function is given or not

  26. Hi, I just want to know why is my screen flickering. And I haven’t updated yet I’m scared if something goes wrong. Other than that everything’s perfect

    1. hi just you go settings – about phone – check updates – touch first button in down- view all updates and select update

  27. I have set ear phones JBL for 1s,but the sound is can i change to piston type setting for the same jbl headphones.