The Xiaomi Redmi 1S flash sales will start on 2nd September. The handset is here to compete with the Moto G, it is powered by qualcomm snapdragon quad core processor running MiUi based on Android 4.3 and priced at Rs. 5,999. The Key highlight is the hardware and the price tag.

Inside the box: It is a small box that houses the Redmi 1S, data cable, user guide, warranty statement, travel charger and 2050 mAh battery. Earphone is not included. SAR Value as mentioned on the box – 1.2W/kg (MAX).

Design and Display
The screen is scratch resistant (to some extent) and just like the Xiaomi Mi3 the Redmi 1S box pack does not mention that. Build quality and finishing is very good, looks like premium phone and very comfortable to hold (because of the size).

Rear cover is metal gray colour with matte finish. It is also a little slippery as the Mi3, so you need to be extra careful. Body has got a curvy design and there are no sharp edges. Power button, volume rockers are on the right, micro USB port at the bottom and 3.5mm audio jack on the top. Weight with battery is 164 grams and dimensions are 69.43mm x 137.43 x 9.49mm.

The IPS touch screen is 4.7 inches supporting 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. The viewing angles are good – the screen gets a little darker from some angles. Touch is very smooth and responsive. There is LED notification and you can change the colours too. The LED notification is placed just below the bright red dedicated home button.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S box pack

There are accelerometer, proximity, light, gyro and magnetic sensors.

OS, Memory and Storage
The Redmi 1S runs on MiUi version 5 based on Android 4.3. Performance is good however the 1GB RAM seems insufficient at times, especially when you are running app that needs more RAM or multiple apps are running.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S review and unboxing

Of the 1GB RAM minimum free space is 450 MB, and it will reduced as you start using the phone. Clean the memory as often as you can for better performance. The free RAM available could drop to as low as 120MB.

There is 8GB storage of which about 6.14GB is allocated as internal storage (4.12GB available). OTG is supported. There is micro SD slot that supports up to 64GB cards. Apps are installed on internal storage and there is no option to move to external storage.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S review

Performance and Benchmark
The Redmi 1S houses the 1.6 GHz qualcomm snapdragon 400 MSM8228 quad core processor coupled with Adreno 305 GPU. Performance is lag free but as mentioned when the memory gets low you could experience some issues. I got low memory warning when running vellamo benchmark app. And apart from that there were issues with the camera app (happens when the handset is heated up – over 39 degrees). If you are not comfortable with the MiUi then you can select the lite mode for a very simple and easy to use interface.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S build quality

Benchmark scores

App Result
Quadrant 10422
Antutu 19703
Vellamo Browser (1281) Metal (862) Multicore (1046)
Nenamark 2 46.2fps
Multi Touch 10 point

I installed the MC4 (Modern Combat 4) and Real Racing 3. These games got installed on the internal storage. Game play was smooth and I did not find any issues when playing these games.

Camera and Entertainment
There is 8MP rear AF camera with LED flash and a 1.6MP on the front. There are issues with the camera app. I had installed the latest updates. When I was shooting the sample images I found two issues. The camera app was closing down without any errors, I had to tap the camera app to start the app. At times when I would click an image the camera app would close without any warning.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S 8MP rear AF camera

The next issue was when I was recording a full HD sample video. It started off well but after sometime the screen started to lag and froze for few seconds but there was no issue with the recording. Every time you start the camera app you will need to set video quality to FHD if you want to record in that mode.

For this price the camera quality is very good and so is the FHD video quality. The handset can play FHD videos.

Update: I tried recording a video in FHD the temp was 34 degree and I did not find any issues – there was no screen lag. I used the handset for some time to get the temperature at 40 degrees and then started the video recording again in FHD resolution, the screen started to lag.

It seems when the temperature is high around 40 degrees the camera app will create issues, it might close down anytime or when recoding videos you will see the screen lagging a lot.

Sound is loud and clear, no issues with in-call speaker / quality. There is Dirac option (Optimize audio quality). The handset does get heated up with heavy usage and you can feel it near the camera module on the back. But temperature was well within 45 degrees. 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth worked well. Got the first GPS lock within 5 seconds. It is a dual SIM handset with 3G support. You need 2 normal SIM’s.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S SIM slots (2 x normal SIM)

There is 2050 mAh removable battery. Here is how the battery performed.

Task Time Battery drop (%) (max temp)
Running Benchmark apps 38 minutes 18% (39)
FHD video playback (loop) with Wi-Fi on + full brightness 38 minutes 14% (37)
MC4 + Real Racing 3 GamePlay 20 minutes 10% (40)

Battery backup is pretty good you can expect 3.5 to 5.5 hours of continuous usage depending on the app with Wi-Fi on.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S 2050 mAh battery

It is a powerful handset with a very affordable price tag. However there are issues – camera app (at high temperature) and low memory. Probably it could get fixed / tweaked with future updates. But still considering the price and the hardware the Xiaomi Redmi 1S is still a very good buy.

Redmi 1S on Flipkart for Rs. 5,999.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Image Gallery

Sample images shot using the Redmi 1S

Sample images front camera

Redmi 1S video review

1080p video shot using the Redmi 1S handset

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  1. My phone is working very well. But when i start my camera it is saying camera error. I switched off the phone and started, But the problem is repeating . Can you help me?

  2. Dear redmi 1s user I’m facing creaking sounds at the back of the cover do anybody address this same issue

    1. This happens in almost all not remove the back cover unnessesirily otherwise it will become more creaky and loose.only solution I can think of is to buy a new back cover and do not open it once itvid installed.

  3. recently i bought the redmi 1s… facing the big issue on the mobile is battery back up… Pl help me how to handle the issue…

    1. Reduce screen brightness to 40% and set CPU usage to battery saver mode. Also turn off data usage when not using data.turn off all unwanted services like GPS,WiFi,Bluetooth,vibration etc.

  4. Dear Mr Gogi
    i have purchases redmi s1 can i stop call recoding. By default all the calls received are recorded and i do not want all the calls to be recorded.

    what is the option to stop call recording. i tried but could not find the option pl help

    1. Click on Contact And Go to Contact Setting (Open Contacts Press Left First Key) You see “Record setting”
      enter this setting and click to Off Record automatically.

  5. hello,
    i’ve bought a redmi 1s and honestly i love each and every aspect of the phone so far and very pleased with the phone’s performance keeping the price in mind but the only problem thats occured now is that a lot of times my various messenger notifications wont notify me of the messages i’ve recieved until i turn my phone screen on. Is here an update or settings that need to be amended?? Please kindly let me know thank you:))

  6. Hi.
    i am facing camera flash problem in my mobile. how to resolve this please give you are suggestions
    Thanking you

    1. Hi,

      I have facing some problem battery backup is very bad and heating problem every-time. Pls suggest how to handle this type situation….

  7. I bought red me but an update came which said that by by updating that thee phone will not be heated during charging when I updated and started changing my phone then a brownish patch showed in my screen. Is there any solution for that.

  8. I got the device on 14 nov 2014, but issue with headphone port. when I insert headphone – google speak service automatically starts and prompts to speak to find parameter. And the usual headphone if inserted completely- does not work, but when pin is half / partially entered it work perfectly. What do you think is this some headphone port problem ?
    what should I do. Pls suggest.

  9. Hello Gogi,

    Does the performance suffer after updating the software?
    I purchased the phone yesterday and immediately updated the same on opening. After updating the phone to MIUI 45.0, I am getting the following Benchmark scores:
    Antutu: 13338
    Quadrant: 4361
    Vellamo: Metal 632; Multicore 563; Browser could not complete
    Nenamark 2: 54.0 fps
    Also the camera seems to have a bluish tinge using the default settings.

    Is there a problem specific to the unit I have received or is this generally the case after update.

    It would be really helpful if you could re-run the tests after updating the MIUI
    Thanks & Regards

  10. I am brought red me 1s two days. This phone just amazing but one problem let create to me that is battery charge had finished just 2 hours. What can I do now plz reply.

  11. Hi Gogi,

    Regarding OTG, Did you remember which company OTG you have tested for redmis 1s, transcend OTG is not supporting in my Case. Is there any specific settings need to be adjusted or any additional software(app) need to be installed?

    Please let me know?

    Just foe INFO: Heating problem after update is reduced but not resolved completely. I can say 60% heating issue addressed.

    1. hi, I am using PNY otg adapter and its working perfectly. this otg adapter is available on Amazon’s India store. I am using otg pencil model and it is also available in robot model.

  12. hii my name is ajay that phone xiaomi redmi 1s that is very gud bt that
    phone heats so much over all phone is gud but only just one problem heating i m faceing the heating problem
    miui team plz u have to find the way that heating ur v45 software is nt gud
    i update the v45 software but its sitll heating if i using 3g net thats heats in 40.8 dgree
    so plz miui team solve that problem

  13. Hi,

    Last week i bought a new 16GB SD card (SanDisk class10) and when i connected the phone to copy the contents from sd card to my PC I was surprised to not showing the external storage (SD card) drive. However, I found the internal memory storage drive and copied the contents successfully, but unfortunately not from sd card. Kindly help me on how to copy data from sd card to PC using the data cable provided with Redmi 1s phone.


        1. Hi Jay,

          Mi Phone Manager isn’t showing up in PC. Will you please assist me which Windows OS is preferred to connect this phone for data transfer through SD card?

  14. Hi Gogi , My Redmi 1s just got delivered , & currently I am using it , Frankly speaking I didn’t liked it because its speaker volume is TOO LOW , its too low & spoils the handset.
    Anyone here facing the same issue or I am the only one here ?
    Gogi, also you didn’t told us about this issue, SHOULD I REPLACE THE HANDSET ?
    I am using moto g also & despite having small screen Redmi 1s feels like a RAT In front of moto g because of Too low sound.
    For your idea that how is the sound quality of both devices I am giving my ratings For SPEAKER department only :-
    Moto G – 9/10
    Redmi 1s – 3/10

      1. Network connectivity is very slow. When I used Google play it didn’t open. No app is downloading. Working very slow even in 3G sim. What is the solution. Pls tell me… Should I replace it

      2. Thanks Gogi , it will be easier for me to know if this is defect or normal sound of Redmi , If you tell me How do you feel the speaker in front of moto g. ,(Like 2 years ago you said that MMX a116 full 100% set speaker is similar to Xolo q800 90% set speaker sound.)
        I feel my Redmi 100% set full speaker is similar to 40-50% set moto g speaker.

        1. Bharat, I don’t have the 1S with me now but the sound was as good as experienced on other handsets. I work in the same environment so I know when the sound is low, loud and high. Also I have not heard many users complaining about the sound, so I guess it is your phone.

          1. sir please solve heating issue even in v45 also rather than heating everything in this phone is superb…………..

  15. Anybody installed mokee/cyanogenmod/similar custom rom on redmi 1s? I have read that most of the issues user are having in miui are absent on these roms with many additional features.
    Also rooting your redmi 1s will NOT void the warranty as per Xiaomi, so why aren’t you people bothering of installing custom rom for troublefree usage rather than using the buggy stock rom and blaming over issues .
    The hardware part of redmi 1s is brilliant, only poorly made Os is the constraint for a smooth user experience.
    I have ordered the phone,and when it arrives,my first step will be rooting with twrp & installing the custom rom.

      1. Amartya, can you give me your whatsapp that I can get in touch for rooting my redmi 1s because I didn’t like miui UI because of it the phone heats up like ovan and remaining RAM is very low…..

  16. today am update whats app but no response internet connection time out again & again.Internet accessing speed is very slow.Kindly help for the same

  17. Hello Gogi Rana,

    I recently updated to v45.0 and its working fine but google play store is running very much slow and I was unable to download the skype.
    Everytime I open playstore , it is showing that Connection Timed Out…..
    Can this issue be solved? Any help?

  18. I updated my miui to .45 and now the heating problem is solved very much. The Apps don’t get automatically closed either. It works pretty fine now.

  19. I want to know which is better between red mi1s and honor holly because redmi 1s is no long battery back up and heating problem & camera issue. please give me suggestion from tomorrow afternoon bcoz i am going to buy please help me

    1. I don’t know about holly but I can say after the update redmi’s problems are pretty much solved, no more over heating, no more apps getting closed automatically and camera quality is pretty good too, I faced no problem in camera.

  20. Hi I had purchased redmi 1s . Very poor performance of this phone because when I play game it becomes hot in a few minutes upto 65c

  21. I am using xiaomi mi s1 but it becomes hot within a few minutes and it works wih single sim being has dual sim facility. Please suggest to get out from this rid.

  22. how to root redmi 1s , is it safe to root the device what about the warranty , where should I root my device gogi sir please reply

    1. Yo dude if you root your phone then your phones warrenty will expire(it will no longer be valid)

  23. Hi I buy redmi s1 main problem is battery backup is so poor wt should I do pls help and yesterday my mobile vibrate as like cpu fan motor y this happen then i switch off mob n It stops vibrate… Mainly battery backup is very slow pls tell me thanq

  24. My redmi’s is not working perfectly its heats up after 5min using. Kindly send me the link for Redmi bug rectification or pls update my software.

  25. Mr. Gogi sir

    When KITKAT update is coming for Redmi1s and sony xperia tipo dual.

    Is their any link to update jelly bean or kitkat for sony xperia tipo dual pl. Give me gogi sir.

      1. For Xperia Tipo don’t expect kk update, atleast officially from Sony, but if you’re willing to tinker with your phone, go to
        As for Redmi 1s kk update, it is said to come by the end of the year, but as earlier said, if you are willing to root and all, you’ll get it now(custom rom)

  26. I purchased a redmi last week and all of a sudden this week it restarted on its own couple of times. What can I do to overcome this problem??

    1. Hi 1st u update the phone to latest version 45.

      If u done this step then make a factory rest after taking backup of all imp data.

      If this also not help then take a replacement of mobile from Flipkart if it do not exceed 30 days.

      Many handset are having problems in redmi 1s. I also got a replacement of my device from Flipkart.

  27. Hi gogi,
    I don’t know what’s the problem with my redmi 1s. It’s getting only 10000-12000 antutu benchmark score and only once get reached to 20000. I tried many times but got score around 11000. And another problem is with the video recorder. While recording video and playing back the recorded video the screen shows two red dot on the left side of the screen. This dot problem is only with playing back the recorded video.
    I think I got the defective piece. Can I get the replacement…

    1. Hi Mukul,

      I had the same problem with my handset…
      I reported it to flipkart and they had me download the Dead Pixel App. but still the problem persisted…
      This time flipkart offered me a replacement and guess what I got the new handset in just 2 days…
      I suggest you contact flipkart with this problem.


      1. Hi Dhawal,
        I think this dot problem in video recorder is with every redmi… I got the replacement but still getting the same type of dots in the handset. And the deadpixel app is of no use I tried many times but didn’t get the resul

      2. Hi Dhawal,
        Yes I got the replacement but I think this dot problem is with every redmi… I m still getting the same type of dots in the new handset but this time green and blue color dots. And the deadpixel app is of no use I tried many times but didn’t get the solution. Did you get any solution???

  28. Im also planning to buy this redmi 1s This phone already run kitket 4.4.4 + camera bug fixed after root I’m using Canvas 2 past 2 years I Love This phone This is Best Super Smartphone Don’t lesation any budy buy if u love and like go for in I know everything about android

  29. plzzz tell me gogi sir ji why my mobile not show total ram1gb ram. cpu z show 873 MB total ram in my redmi 1s phone is it normal ?

  30. My Redmi 1S is 1 week old and all of a sudden today the touch is not working, tried resetting to factory defaults but that doesn’t also work. Now I am unable to unlock the phone, not able to receive call, messages nor able to navigate between other menus. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Looks like the hardware and components are not of good quality.

  31. I purchase redmi 1s this month and my phone stopped working all of sudden. How shld I trace out the problem and restart my phone?

  32. May I ask a question pls?

    For first time using the phone redmi 1s, for how long should I charge the battery?

    Ms Zee

  33. i updated my miversion to 45stable and when i try to open app that is connected to camera it doesnt work and keeps shutting down …

    how could i fix it..

    1. there are no lights under the keys so cant start it. you will have to get used to location of buttons in dark

  34. Gogi sir pl help me.

    My redmi is lagging what to do.
    Its also heating too much.
    I also update it to 45 version.

    Pl guide me.

      1. Sir i have done this already. What to do now.

        Does i can get replacement for the same from Flipkart for this issue.

        Pl help me sir.

      2. I have done the same but the problem is being not be solved.

        Can i get replacement for the same issue by Flipkart.

        Pl help me.

          1. Thanks sanjay. But in my phone i am playing subway surfer which is going to lag in just 3 minutes run. What to do now. Music is also lagging.

  35. Just got this phone, but got problem w its camera after update MIUI-JHCMIBH45.0. When took pictures w flash setting on (forced to on), the results always totally dark. Any one encounter same problem? Thanks

  36. Anyone please guide,earlier when i used to lock the phone by pressing power button then a vertical power lite (a line)blink and phone goes locked.but i do not know from some days,this function is not working no power line appear.I have checked this by my self but not able to find its solution.

  37. Just want to chech that it’s button back. menu and home blinks or not????
    beacuse i buy a new one and it’s button is not blinking.

  38. I got this hand set yesterday, by Flipkart It is nice but I have some issues
    1- ringer is not loud enough
    2- even speaker volume
    3- GPS doesn’t locked up even in 1 miniut
    4- heats up on heavy use
    specially GPS is more poor in comparision of MOTO G XT1033, where MOTOG shows 9/19 satellites it shows only one or some time only searching.
    Is it a software issue or some hardware because it usess same hardware as moto G ueses

    1. I do not understand the trouble of GPS is being experianced only by me or other people too. I kept this phone up to 5 minuets for GPS but I couldn’t find

  39. Anyone please guide how to update Redmi 1s to 43.0 version. Should i download the zip file and copy it to the phone’s internal memeoy and open it in the phone or is there another way to update it by flashing the device. Please provide step by step procedure.
    Thanks in advance……


      1. Download rom from above link.
      2. Copy zip file anywhere in phone memory.
      3. Go to Settings > About Phone > System Update > Wait until it search for update.
      4. Now click menu / Options (left touch) > Select Update Package > Select the zip file you copied.
      5. It will ask to take backup, click yes / no.
      6. Show you warning for reboot click yes.
      7. It will start updating, update will take around 10 mins, it will take some more time to boot after update, please be patience.

      Note : Keep Battery level above 70%