Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud review – Model LYEJ05LM, for hands free calling

This is a mini in-ear Bluetooth earbud presenting the Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud. Do check the video to see what you will get inside the box, features and performance.

Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud Price is approx rs. 1,100 it is available on Gearbest you can go with any shipping but better go with priority line shipping.

Here is the link – https://goo.gl/7Xa7A7

Sound quality is pretty good you can even enjoy your favorite song however this is single earbud hence you will not be able to enjoy audio with stereo effects.


Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud Specifications

Mini body design
Ultralight, feel nothing when wearing
in-ear design, good fit, hard to fall out
IPX4 waterproof
One-button multi-operation function
Magnetic pogo pin charging, safe and convenient
MEMS silicone microphone, strong stability, and great noise reduction bring you a clear conversation
7.2mm strong magnet moving coil unit, make the voice and drumbeat more powerful
Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with the 4G network, CSR 8610 chip, improve compatibility, stability and functionality

40 mAh Li-ion Battery , around 1 hour for a full charge and talk time is about 3 hours.

Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud
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