Xiaomi launched a new voice control speaker the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi in China for RMB 399 (approx Rs. 3900). Key highlight is the ability to search the content using users voice and play content from music streaming services.

The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi speaker comes with 2x tweeters and 2x subwoofer that delivers high quality audio (24 bit/192khz). Output is 2x 10W and power consumption is 30W. This portable speaker supports Bluetooth 4.1 with A2DP. Other features are built in dual band WiFi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) and there is a USB slot too to connect pendrive and play audio files stored on the pendrive. Moreover with WiFi users can play music directly from streaming services.

Mi Wi-Fi portable speaker comes with 8GB of internal storage. Weight is 1.6Kgs. There is a control on the speaker top (remote style) that can be used to control the media e.g. control  volume / play / pause / skip / mute etc.  To use voice search users will need to press the dedicated CH button.

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Speaker launched in China

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Speaker will go on sale this week in China for RMB 399.

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  1. They are too late even if they launch this in India.
    Not launching highly on demand products in India like TV’s and other products in-time. They have to analyse the market as per the season, as many of them gets sold accordingly, like DIWALI.
    Either they are not bothered or they don’t have sufficient man power to do so. It looks to me the latter one.