WordPress 3.2 released with requirements changes

I already wrote a post a day before regarding the new requirements in WordPress 3.2, but never imagined that the 3.2 version will be released just the very next day. Well for those who do not know, the WordPress 3.2 version is out, but before you upgrade you need to be sure that your server is running the required PHP and MySQL versions.

Requirements Changes in WordPress 3.2

  • From now on starting WordPress 3.2 version PHP 5.2.4 or greater will be supported.
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater will now be required.

If one may recall when WordPress 2.5 was released it required PHP 4.3 and with WordPress 2.9 the MySQL requirement changed to MySQL 4.1.2. So before you upgrade make sure you have the required software on your server.

What’s new in WordPress 3.2

This WordPress version now comes with a full screen editor for distraction free writing. The Admin interface has changed and so has the new default theme which is called Twenty Eleven. If you are logged into WordPress you can see the extended admin bar on top of your site which shows the most useful links.

The 3.2 version will not support IE6 and old browsers and those who are already using the same will see a notification asking them to upgrade to the latest browser.

Here are some more WP 3.2 features

  • WP 3.2 is faster which helps improve load time and search engines like faster sites.
  • If you use the auto update option wherein the WordPress files are automatically downloaded and installed instead of the traditional way of downloading and then uploading via FTP, you will find that the updates will happen much faster than ever. Even FTP updates will be less error prone and quicker.
  • PHP4 compatibility has now been removed which also includes the timezone support.
  • This version comes with many tweaks, optimizations and improvements.
  • You will also find many menu words changed though that still performs the same functions. For example the Update Automatically word has been changed to Update Now and Posts is now All Posts. Well you will get used to it.

If you are using any specific WordPress theme it should work without any problems on the WordPress 3.2. My site is using the Thesis theme and I hope I do not encounter any problem when I upgrade to 3.2.

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