WickedLeak has posted some images on their official Facebook page. The images are about a Wickedleak smartphone full immersed in water and another one with Coke; the tagline – can your smartphone survive this? Well its clear now that WickedLeak will soon launch a waterproof smartphone.

They will probably be using some waterproof material that makes the device waterproof. They had this technology for quite some time, but for some reasons their plans got delayed. Moto G is also using the same waterproof coating. In fact we could soon find many other companies following this trend.

The waterproof coating can be applied on the hardware and even on the battery. I guess the waterproof coating can be applied on other handsets too with OGS screen. Let’s wait and watch for what comes next.  Let’s hope the waterproof handsets are not too pricy.

wickedleak waterproof smartphone coming soon

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. no local service in India after sale, no updates, bad costumer service, false commitment.
    you have only way
    ”Our Customer Care support is online via chat, telephone and e-mail in case of any issue faced by you , we also arrange for reverse pick ups from your address or you may simply drop it to closest DTDC or Bluedart outlet who will bring the product back to our service center (headquarters) in Mumbai as we have a national tie-up with them. You may also call us at 022 65666511. or email us at wickedleakinc@gmail.com or chat with us”

    1. Hi Sameer,

      Please get back with your order id. We will surely help you out.

      Wickedleak Team

  2. Hey this is really great.. Waterproof smartphone? Really gonna be cool. I am just eagerly waiting for this now. Will change my phone after this one is launched. Thank you for the information.. 🙂

  3. Gogi!

    I have an xperia z1 and lumia 625. Planning to sell both of them and get a mobile. Please advise if I can go ahead or not. If yes, I have shortlisted the following:-

    1)Note 3
    2)Lumia 1020

    If you have any other model in mind, please let me know and I wait for the same. Please reply

    1. Not sure why you’ll go for anything else if you have the Xperia Z1. Its one of the best devices now. You wait for another year. Probably by that time LTE will be rolled out in India at most places and we’ll have LTE phones by then. I think you should wait. The device is very powerful and capable to do anything.

  4. Gogi!

    Well said. All things said and done, it boils down to price. If they get the pricing right, then it will be a hit