WhatsApp has rolled out an update – the new WhatsApp version 2.11.186 now comes with the last seen privacy settings, pay for friends WhatsApp service, Hindi language support (on Android 4.1+ OS) and other new features.

Facebook had recently acquired WhatsApp and we already knew about the last seen option that WhatsApp would be implementing and now implemented. Going a step further WhatsApp will soon implement voice calls too – but there is still time for that.

For now the WhatsApp 2.11.186 is being rolled out and you might have already seen the update notification or have already updated to the latest version. The key highlight about the new update is the privacy setting that was needed. You can now set the privacy level for profile photo, status and last seen. (Settings -> Account -> Privacy).

WhatsApp version 2.11.186

WhatsApp version 2.11.186 download

WhatsApp version 2.11.186 privacy settings

WhatsApp version 2.11.186 last seen options

There are some more features added like ability to pay friend’s WhatsApp service,  large video thumbnail option in chat, Hindi language enabled on handsets running Android 4.1 and above, camera shortcut for sending pictures quickly, show unread messages on home widget (available on Android 3.0+), increased message history and new option to save/share profile photo or group icon.

The update size is 14MB, just search on Google play or look for the WhatsApp update notification.

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  1. I want to use 2 whatsapp number in single mobile. I have micromax canvas 2 A110. I have tried OGwhatsapp but when it try to register in OGWhatsapp it shows message that “It looks like your client has been modified. Please download the latest version from our website: https://whatsapp.com/android” but i have tried latest version (OGwhatsapp v2.11.241, OGwhatsapp v2.11.256) & still its not working. And I am using updated version of Whatsapp.

  2. Also don’t forget to try OGwhatsapp so that you can have 2 whatsapp’s running on the same phone preferably a dual sim one

    check this out


  3. Mr. Rana,
    I’m a subscriber of your blogs and I have just a quick question. I updated my whatsapp to 2.11.186, after going through your post above. Now, I’m not being able to send voice messages anymore. Is there a reason to it? Have they taken it off already? Is it one of those FB’s doing?
    Any info would be appreciated.

      1. Somehow it doesn’t work on mine. It says, ‘Can’t setupthe recorder now. Please try again later’, everytime I try it now, after the upgrade. Any suggestions?

      2. I did some investigation and ultimately found out the cause. My phone’s security had disabled the voice recording options for all the third party apps. Changed it and it works now.
        Thanks for reverting though. Good luck 🙂

  4. these privacy features were updated with version 2.11.169 but the apk had to be downloaded from the whatsapp website.

  5. Whatsapp+ is basically an unofficial third party developer modded version of the same app it comes with loads of additional features like to hide online status change the overall theme of the app.Also whenever we send any image through whatsapp the resolution’s been reduced quite a lot by default whereas in whatsapp+ one could send images of any resolution & size without even worrying about the degraded resolution whatsapp+ sends the media as it is.

    www20.zippyshare.com/v/51269374/file.html DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP+

  6. the update was previously released.. i hav updated it n it has a bug on my a50 tht it dont show others last seen.. n this dont work accurate.. whatsapp+ v5.12d is already out with new emotions n many mods.. luv whatsapp+.. no tension abt expiring.. :p
    just google it n try it

    1. Whatsapp+ is a modded version of Whatsapp made by third party developer. So its unofficial.

      1. Watsapp+ operates by routing the messages through Chinese servers so say bye bye to privacy…There is a reason it was shooed off xda