WhatsApp Video calling will be rolled out soon, in phased manner; users might get the update within few weeks. Unfortunately there are already malicious links popping up on WhatsApps inviting users to download video calling feature on WhatsApp.

If you get a link that reads ‘you are invited try WhatsApp video calling…’ avoid it, delete it. It is a scam with malicious link. This is not the first incident, in fact there was one more such activity – WhatsApp Gold that people fell in for, the app was presumed to offer exclusive access. The new message that you got or might get is also a scam avoid it.

How to download official Whatsapp Video calling feature

So how do you download the official Whatsapp video calling feature, well if the company has rolled out they will enable the same in the Whatsapp and all that users will need to do is update their WhatsApp app. In most cases the app will auto update as per your update settings on your mobile.

Whatsapp video call link is  a scam

Remember one thing WhatsApp will never send link within WhatsApp message to update / activate new feature. Also such malicious links that you get, usually come from a sender using WhatsApp, next time when you get any such link from any sender delete it; if the sender is unknown you probably would want to block them.

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  1. Already updated from google play ….now when u r press calling button u will get 2 option i.e. voice call or video call

  2. Anyway I got the update of video calling. When try to call you will get 2 options whether voice or video call.

    1. Even i have got the option of video calling and it works. Quality of the video isnt too good and voice clarity is ok.

  3. Hi,
    I received one invite link from my friend and I opened that link and further there was message to forward it to friends and groups to activate the video feature. Now I don’t know whether my phone has been hacked or not.What to do now. Kindly help.

  4. Yep, such messages having invitations are spam and can hack your phone or so on. But you need not to wait If you want to enjoy Video-calling on Whatsapp immediately, just follow this procedure:-
    1. Open Google Playstore
    2.Go to Whatsapp App page
    3.Scroll to the bottom of that page.
    4.There u will see “I’M IN” in Solid Green, under the section “Become a Beta Tester”. Click that green button.
    5.Now a pop-up will appear “Join Beta Programme?”
    6.Click “JOIN”

    Thats it.
    Within few minutes your Whatsapp will be updated with VC feature. For this u need to check Playstore. Go to “My Apps” from Goggle Playstore’s Menu. Then click BETA. Your Whatsapp will appear there. Update it when an option of doing so appears there.

    Enjoy 🙂