From Micromax FTP you can keep track of software updates, download and install when needed. MMX has come up with V2 ROM version for Micromax A110 which is ICS (Android 4.0) but with certain improved features.

The V2 ROM will fix the dial pad issue, I am not sure what that is, cause I am using the A110 and did not face any issue with the dial pad. Another interesting change is the SD card space allocation that has been changed from 2GB to 1GB and 1GB is now assigned for internal storage, instead of 503MB as on my A110 handset.

Also note that new A110 handsets that are now being shipped come loaded with the V2 ROM. To upgrade this ROM just head on to their FTP site.

** Sorry the link is removed as requested by Micromax **

Please follow the same lower / upper case for user / password as mentioned above. The file size is 236 MB and by the time it gets downloaded, check if battery % is over 50 percent, if not keep it on charger.

Before you proceed do note that this process will flash the ROM and all data on the device will be lost, so take a backup if need. I usually store all data on SD card and my contacts / calendar are always synchronized with Gmail and hence I am never worried about losing the data.

If it’s too much for you, you can always visit the Micromax service center and let them update your handset.

What you will need!

  1. Visit the FTP site, enter the A110 -> SW version  -> V206121 folder and download the rar file. It’s around 250 MB. Once it is downloaded unrar it and put the folder in a directory say c:/MMXA110/update/ on your PC.

    Micromax A110 v2 ROM

    mmx v2 ROM download

  2. No go to A110 -> Download Tool -> and download the once downloaded unzip it in the folder say c:/MMXA110/update/.Micromax flash tool
  3. Now you will have 2 folder
    in the c:/MMXA110/update/ directory.  One is the ROM update and the other is the tool that will update the handset.
    Now you need the drivers that will detect the handset (this is a different one). For this you can visit the A110 -> Drivers and download the exe file. Or you can connect the phone to PC and you will find the drivers. Or download this file (this driver file on mediafire worked for me).

I am using Windows 8  64 bit and had trouble installing the driver (Unsigned driver issue). For Windows 8 users with same issue you can try the following.

Okay now for the flashing process. It’s very simple. But make sure not to disconnect the phone or switch off the PC etc until the whole process is over, as that might damage the OS and could brick the handset. So proceed at your own risk, I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong.

How to flash Micromax A110 with new ROM (V2)

  • Switch off the phone completely.
  • Enter the directory where you have placed all the files example c:/MMXA110/update/.
  • Now use the flash tool, enter the SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1220.01 directory and double click the flash_tool.exe.
  • When the program starts the download agent link will already be there all you need to do is add the scatter-loading file. Click scatter loading button and then look for the file MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc in the S9081_MP_F4_B1_IN_MMX_0.16__flasher_user directory.
  • Once done just click the download button (next to firmware upgrade) and then connect the switched off phone to the PC. Assuming that the drivers have installed properly the upgrade process will start.Micromax A110 v2 install
  • Do not unplug / disconnect / abort the process unless you see the OK message.
  • It will take few minutes for the process to complete, once done disconnect the USB and start the phone.

It will take a little longer to start for the first time and you will see the superfone logo for a little longer time, it is normal. Once the phone starts just go to settings and check the storage you should see the total app space now increased from 503 to 1.4GB with 1.05 GB as internal storage.

What’s new in this update

  • The app space has been increased (Approx 1.4GB).
  • RAM around 200 to 230 MB free.
  • Now when you choose SD card as default storage it installs new apps on the internal storage, but you can move it later on to the external SD storage (if applicable).
  • LED Flash looks brighter now, still no good with low light photography.
  • I tried GPS and it works did not notice much difference. The lock took less than 15 seconds, as it was before. I tried from two different locations and both time got a lock within 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Did not find any noticeable difference in performance: Quadrant score(2565), Antutu score (6173 pretty good).
  • I tried installing the Modern Combat 3 Game (1.3 GB) and it did install directly on my external SD card :-).

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  1. Hey!! can anybody help me .. i tried .. but problem installing the driver in my windows 7.. no … i think the driver is smooth.. but wen i connect ma phone wen itz switched off It starts checking for windows update of the driver and fails.. so my phone is not getting detected… 🙁 What do i do ???

  2. hi gogi sir ..
    my micromax canvec2 dead
    sptool brom error s_ft_download_fail (4010) S_FT_FORMAT_FAIL

    brom error: s_ft_download_fail (4008) S_FT_DOWNLOAD_FAIL
    plz help me

  3. Gogi… We should salute micromax for providing V3 jelly bean 4.1.1 official ROM… No doubt come bit late but is really nice.. The free RAM i checked was 180mb and all other features really are so nice.. The display brightness is same as we saw in V1 ROM which was lacking in V2 and Cynus and other custom ROMS…

    1. download from here

  4. Any guy can tell me status of internal storage of mmx a110 after jelly bean update?? Is it 1gb & 1.5gb or else? Thanks.

  5. Thank u gogi g it worked for me first i didnt installed the driver so was not working then i installed the driver then also was not working then i restarted th lapy then i tried it finally worked ….i was in wait for jb update but got tired waiting so finally to overcome insufficient storage space i had to do it 🙂

  6. Hey Gogi Hey Guys Which Jelly Bean Rom is Best For My Micromax A110

    What about MMX A110 JMP™ v6.0 JB & Killer ICS ROM is this Best JB Rom
    I need Fully Bug Free JB Rom
    Which is Bug Free and Best

    1. The ROM is good and stable. Credits to Jigar.

      In v6 JMP ROM of Jigar, the prob faced by me so far,
      while typing reply to msg, the KB layout hides the last msg instead of moving it up.
      Also Battery indicator in Settings doesnt rotate to landscape mode.
      Restarting the mobile resets the battery timings..
      Ninjump game is not getting started.
      Camera at times doesnt record images while taking pics n shows a blank black pic.. Overall pic quality is good though .

      1. Dear ayur…
        I checked almost all the custom roms on my A110 and dear ayur the best among all is new cynus official v17 rom. Totally bug free and stable… The only rom u will find all iz well…

        Ayur visit i have written in detail there advantages of this cynus t2 rom…. The new version… This rom is stable even playing high hd games….

  7. Do not use killer Rom its of no use.stop games while playing market Eleanor work reverting back to v2 Rom

  8. My last rom was t2 rom 17 version but i was feed up with all the roms all of them not giving enough rom so i downloaded v2 rom but when i tried to enter in recovery mode it does not goes into what what it does is factory reset.i think recovery has been corrupted gogi will above process solve my problem and bring back recovery too.plz reply soon

    1. Nikhil,
      Do not be in panic. The ICs will save you by itself, follow this method.
      Press VOL UP, VOL DN and Power ON button while you start the phone (pull out the battery in OFF state and re-insert later). The boot logo will be displayed for 3-4 minutes, and later mobile will boot into the Mobile Desktop. During this, ICs flashes the original recovery by default. Later, switch off and do the VOL UP+ VOL DN and Power button to get inside the Stock Recovery.

      1. Thanx jg but problem is solved now.Problem was that my friend was playing with my phone installing various during his last updat he did not wipe cache and other stuff instead he factory resetted my phone.thanx to mobile uncle tool i downloaded custom recovery.img and flashed it through mobile uncle tool and recovery was installed and now my phone is in v2 rom but going to install killer rom

    1. Do not install “JMP™ v6.0 ROM Jelly Bean 4.1.1 (154 MB )”, Its unstable, network issues, Bluetooth hang and dialer problem.

    1. Yes you have confirmed it that CWM recovery works for V2 ROM. Thank you for your efforts.
      You may do the following to remove Battery problem.
      1. Root V2
      2. Install proper CWM for V2
      3. Go to CWM recovery advanced options, and clear the “battery state” (after charging to 100%)

  9. hi gogi and frnds v2 rom is dull display and if u r on v2 and try other roms they will also look dull icon display….

    so i suggest flash stock v1 rom , root , cwm recovery and then install roms of jelly bean v5 by jigar xda otherwise display is very dull ….. no matter we get 500mb storage one side and 2gb other side but display is very bright …

    i hope Micromax Team hear and consider this ….

    our frnds have experienced this …..

    Glad to help

  10. SwipeIt–An Alternate (economical) method for WiFi Direct
    If you have a samsung smartTV, you can install SwipeIt application both in the TV and MMX (ie DrBhokali JB ROM), and then enter the TV code in MMX. It is done. Now select the video or picture, and then just “swipe it” physically! It appears in TV. Comparing to WiFi direct, it is so simple and straight forward!

    The other advantage of SwipeIt is that your MMX can be connected to your WiFi network tower that you have at home, and the TV can be connected to the same network through LAN, and it works! This is not possible in WiFi direct. Your TV must have a WiFi adapter that cost ~7k extra!

  11. Limitations in DrBhokali ROM
    1. Skype issue: While using the latest version of the Skype, very low volume sound output through speakers. Difficult to hear the conversation.
    I have not yet posted 10 comments in XDA forum, hence not eligible to post comments in XDA. I hope some senior XDA member see this forum and update DrBhokali ROM developer.

  12. hi gogi today i flashed jelly bean v5 rom of jigar and its awesomeeeee

    sound on headohone is mind blowinggggg
    bcoz he added dolby and acid sound technology

    i hv used this v2 rom its pre rooted but the display is very dull in my opinion the colours are not bright even after increasing brightness compare to v1 is good colour..

    so i suggest u frnds to flash jb v5 by jigar from xda its very good believe me …….


      1. yes at first wasnt working but tried several times and now working ….i think becoz of the whatsapp server ….

        1. hii punit…
          if i update to jb v5 rom,still i have the warranty from MMX service center??
          and hows the battery performance??
          becoz right now i’m facing problem regarding battery…it drops to 78%approx from 100 % in 15-20mn 🙁
          and from where i get this v5 rom,can u give the link…. 🙂

  13. Hi gogi,

    I ve succesfully rooted MMX a110. But after rooting im unable to connect to internet and WIFI shows NVRAM error. Pls help me what and how to get things right.

  14. WiFi Direct Works in DrBhokali Jelly Bean ROM
    Today it worked! I am so happy, and let me share the technique with you.
    What you need:
    1) SAMSUNG SmartTV with WiFi adapter [My Model:UA40EX5600RMXL]
    2) MMX A110 with Rooted DrBhokali JB 4.1.1 ROM [has WiFi Direct facility]
    3) Free version of iMediaShareLite
    How to do (in one line): Connect the mobile to WiFi of the TV, and enable WiFi direct in both TV and Mobile, then use iMediaShareLite to display video on TV
    How to do(Step by Step procedure: total 5 steps):

    Step-1: Enable WiFi Direct in TV
    Do these in TV:
    Go to Menu>Network>Soft AP> SoftAP>ON
    Go to Menu>Network>Soft AP>Security Key>12341234
    My network SSID of TV is DIRECT-w0[TV]. This means you will see a WiFi connection named “DIRECT-w0[TV]” in the MMX WiFi menu.
    Exit the TV menu

    Step-2: Connect MMX to WiFi of TV
    Settings>WiFi>ON. You may see a WiFi connection named “DIRECT-w0[TV]” as one of the options. Connect the same using “12341234” as the password.

    Step-3: Enable WiFi Direct in MMX, and invite TV.
    Do these in MMX:
    Settings>WiFi>ON>Press the settings button, ie Square button on the left>Select “WiFi Direct”. Now you must see “[TV] Available” inside the WiFi Direct menu of MMX. Press “[TV] Available” in MMX, it changes to “[TV] invited” mode. You can re-name the Mobile as ‘Android_MMX_A110″ here. TV will display only the machine address of your mobile.
    You may also note down the machine address of WiFi of your mobile from the “about” menu. For this do the following.
    Settings> About Phone >Status. Look for the address mentioned under wiFi-MAC address. My phone shows d0:b3:3f:4d:d6:59. This vary from mobile to mobile, but is fixed for any given mobile.

    Step-4: WiFI Direct connection between TV and MMX
    Do these in TV:
    Menu>Network>WiFi Direct>Refresh
    TV must display a dialogue box that Android_MMX_A110 is now connected and it will display the machine address of your MMX’s WiFi Direct. My TV shows ” d0:b3:3f:4d:d6:59 connected” under the WiFi Direct menu of TV

    Step-5: Display video/ play audio in to TV from MMX using WiFi direct.
    Do these in MMX.
    Here you need to run the software-iMediaShareLite in MMX. It will automatically detect your TV as [TV] avaibale, while the program starts up.
    To play YouTube videos directly onto TV, do the following.
    Select the YouTube video first. You will see a button on the right side top corner having a symbol with an arrow coming out of a box. Just press it. Now select [TV] from the list of items shown. That is it. IT IS DONE.

    You have a wonderful thing, some thing most advanced people dream of doing! Feeling great!
    WiFi direct is powerful connection between TV and Mobile that can play HD movies without any physical interconnection between the two. The other option to get such quality audio/video requires HDMI cable connection!
    So, enjoy life…
    ———-Sorry for writing a long message——

    1. Use your user data backup as mentioned in my earlier comment:
      In vase you do not have it, I do not know the solution.

      1. full guide of update Mobistel Cynus T2 Jelly Bean Update 4.1.1 V17.01

    1. Have you personally tried to revert to V2 ROM using the CWM recovery based technique? I have successfully used Gogi’s technique twice to revert back.

  15. Hi,
    Upgraded my A110 to DrBhokali ROM (4.1.1) from V2 ROM today. First impression is very good. It results in Quadrant score of ~3000 and Antuntu score of 6577, both are nearly 1/3 better than V2 ROM values.
    The home screen looks like Cynus T2 ROM (4.0), but is in fact Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Camera is 12 MP, and GPS locks in 3-5 seconds using GPS test. The stability test is going on. Airdroid is working properly, and wifi file transfer works smoothly. The following items are under test.
    1. Stability
    2. SIM connectivity after factory reset.

    Very happy till now (3 hrs over).

  16. Hi Gogi, I m trying to update to V2 rom using flash tool (without rooting) but its giving me an error which says ‘S_COM_PORT_FAIL (1013)’. I m not able to proceed further. Pls help!

  17. gogi bhai ,is the process of dowgrading to ICS from JB same as it is to upgrade Micromax A110 to V2 ROM release????

  18. Hi,
    Let me share my experiences with ROMs:
    MMX V1 ROM–ICs(4.0): (1) Major limitation is “unable to move programs to external SD card”. (2) Unable to connect to advanced WiFi network (802.11 n)

    MMX V2 ROM–ICs(4.0): The best till now. V1 limitations are solved in V2 ROM. camera is 8 MP. You can do Factory Reset also.

    Cynus T2 ROM–ICs(4.0): This is an upgrade from V2 ROM. It has 12 MP camera. Do not try to do Factory Reset in this ROM, you will run into SIM connectivity problem.

    Jelly Bean Fantasy–JB(4.1): Do not use this, not stable. Stops working after one day. No Google maps pre-installed. This is an upgrade of Cynus T2 ROM. You use CWM in V2 ROM to get into Fantasy ROM. Factory reset allowed.

          1. Yes,now i am having problem recovery mode corruptes not getting into recovery mode whenever i tried to go into it it itself reset the phone not entering inside the recovery mode i tries to to revert back to orignal recovery mode using mobile uncle but no use.does anyone knows i how to fix recovery

          2. Nikhil, Do not panic. The ICs will save you by itself, follow this method.
            Press VOL UP, VOL DN and Power ON button while you start the phone (pull out the battery in OFF state and re-insert later). The boot logo will be displayed for 3-4 minutes, and later mobile will boot into the Mobile Desktop. During this, ICs flashes the original recovery by default. Later, switch off and do the VOL UP+ VOL DN and Power button to get inside the Stock Recovery.

  19. i have canvas 2 with rooted v1 stock rom
    I am trying to upgrade my canvas A110 to JB.
    I have downloaded from here
    I tried to update from SDcard by placing zip in internal SDCard, got a error invalid partition and tried after rooting my phone, got same error.
    i also try jmb fantasy rom it say e:signature varification failed
    plzzzzzzzzzz give me solution any other way to inastall jb from pc

  20. sir,
    if i update my canvas 2 via cynusjellybean it have any risk
    and after update can i restore my canvas 2 into ics os..
    pls rply sir…

    1. Narendra, did you get any resolution to detect your A110 in WinXP…? Please share 🙂

      I haven’t got any solution, trying hard but do not know how to proceed. 🙁

  21. hi i hv upgrded my cnvas 2 to jelly bean version 15…… …(cynus t2 ) n my both sim r working n it is very smooth rom…..its good dint face any prb….

  22. Hi sir..plzz 1 issue plZZ REPLY AND HELP

    sir when I trying to update v2 from via ur process when I select scatter download and after when I connect the switch off mmx a110 its not detect..u r mention drive ers are not available in media fire so plzz sugest me drivers for use windows 7 plzz help me..

  23. Dear gogi,
    Good day
    pls advice i have successfully updated micromax a110 with new rom (v2) n downloaded jellydream™ fusion & followed the procedure to upgrade, but while pressing vol + & – & power key its shows 2 options recovery & restore & after pressing + key screen goes blank, have tried many times.
    Pls advice what to do & whick jb version is best as of now.
    Waiting for ur revert as m a huge fan of urs>>>>>>>

    1. Not sure what’s happening but try pressing power button or other button after pressing volume + button.

      1. Dear Gogi,

        Any other option to upgrade MMX 110 instead of pressing vol + & – & power key, as m getting signature verified failed while upgrading to jb

  24. Golgi dear where are you these days no tech advice suggestions
    I updated to fantasy but found it too much slow… back to its extreme but it has big prob with Google now… please yaar suggest any good butter smooth ROM like Cynus2 iceream…

  25. Hey Gogi Sir..

    When I Connect The Phone WIth Pc In Switch Off Mode..Its Cant Connect With Wat Can I do Now..
    Its Drivers ISsue Or ANything Else.
    My a110 Is rooted and I use pdanet drivers.
    So Plz HElP me hw can i update v2 rom.

  26. gogi all the rom are making canvas 2 alow except jelebi xtream.i want to revert back to v2 rom but micromax ftp aite says wrong pasword.plz could u provide me the link for v2 rom and one more thing before going to jalebi xtream i backuped my phone but when i tried to restore the phone gets stuck to canvas 2 logo proceed forward.cpuldnu explain why?

  27. Hi,
    I upgraded my ROM to Jelly Bean Fantasy today. It is butter smooth, and working excellently. It comes with pre-rooted. It is based on Cynus T2 ROM.
    How to do: (upgrade from V2 ROM to Fantasy ROM)
    1. Root your v2 ROM with Bin4ry tool. Check with “Root Checker” application.
    2. Install ClockWorkMod recovery: This requires rooted mobile. Install “MobileUncleTools” from play store, and replace the system “recovery” image with “clockworkmod” recovery image.
    3. Follow step-by-step instruction given at Fantasy homepage:

    Thanks to Jigar M. Pattani for ROM
    Thanks to LaL Bahadur Ayer for providing the link and suggestions.

    1. ====DANGER: Fantasy ROM is unstable ====
      I have reverted back to V2 ROM, since Jelly Bean fantasy ROM is unstable and it does not work for more than one day!

      Problem with Fantasy: After one day of operation, I receive a message that the Go next launcher fails on the next day, and hence we are unable to get into the Mobile desktop! In fact, in one day of operation, I had to do Factory reset 3 times! Moreover, Lux Autobrightness fails in the Fantasy ROM. So, I would not recommend Jelly Bean Fantasy ROM any more. Till now V2 ROM (ICs) is the best and stable version.

  28. hi! i do have a micromax a110? my phone is stuck on start up screen. i dont know what to do, i already tried wiping the factory data tru recovery mode, but each time i reboot my phone it still stuck on start up screen. pls help me. what do you suggest me to do? pls pls pls help.

  29. ha gogi sir ….plz give me the rooting process for mobistel cynus t2 jelly bean…..plz plz plz its argent….

  30. hii gogi sir,
    thanx for such a great post.
    my question is can i flash v2 stock rom using stock recovery on my phone?

  31. After flashing with the v2 ROM both the SIM are not being detected. What needs to be done for that ?

  32. Dear Gogi,
    I want ti install JMP Fantasy on my A110 when I am going to recovery mode, the volume buttons are moving up and down to select from the menu but power button is not responding to the selected option ie clear factory setting. I am using V1 ROM, please help!