Umi a known brand in China will soon start selling their low cost Umi X1 dual core and Umi X2 quad core handsets in India. These handsets are expected to hit the markets this February.

The Umi X2 quad core details are not known and as for the Umi X1 it’s the MTK6577 dual core processor with PowerVR Ultra SGX 531 GPU. The handset supports 3G and runs on the Jelly Bean OS with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

The display screen is 4.5 inches with AGC Tempered Glass with resolution of 1280×720 pixels with 16M colours (326 PPI). Like the other MediaTek handsets this one too comes with 8MP rear camera with LED flash and a better front camera of 2MP resolution.

Umi X1 is a dual SIM handset with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Micro USB and 3.5mm jack. There is another handset available called the Wammy Sensation handset with the same 1280×720 pixel resolution. The price details are not known yet. Karbonn S1 Titanium – a quad core handset is selling for under Rs. 11,000 so it will be interesting to see if the new brands can come with competitive pricing or unique features.

Umi X1

Umi X1 key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM with Dual Standby.
  • 1GHz Cortex A9 MediaTek 6577 dual core processor with PowerVR SGX 531 ultra GPU.
  • Android Jelly Bean OS.
  • 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage and micro SD card slot.
  • 4.5 inch IPS screen with 1280×720 pixels resolution (16M colours – 326ppi).
  • Handset weighs 145 grams and is 8.5 mm thick.
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port.
  • 8MP rear Auto Focus camera with LED flash and a front 2MP camera with video call support.
  • Light, Proximity and G-sensors.
  • 1750 mAh battery.
  • Available in Black, pink and white colours. (Website :-

Price for India market will be 9999/- for Umi X1 and Quadcore Umi X2 12,000/- approx and initially will be sold online and then through retail network.

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  1. Umi X2 Quadcore Flagship model
    5inch FHD screen
    2GB RAM
    32GB ROM
    13MP and 2MP cameras
    Android 4.1

    For Rs 19,990/- only (Shipping free) with a best price guarantee logo!!!!!

    Go home (back to China) Umi your drunk!!!!!

  2. Hi Gogi,
    UMIMOBILE today declared the price of X2 on their FB page & surprisingly it is 20k. What a biggest joke….
    I think they should seriously consider to offer
    “Buy One and get one free” at this price.
    What’s your views?

  3. Hi Gogi,

    have u received any news or comments/confirmation fro Mr Ajay Rao regarding the launch?????

    Also, even the bank details are not updated in the site to purchase UMI X1.

  4. Sometimes I feel the price of Umi x2 to be rumors ……to hold back the sells of other indian brands like Micromax,karbon,spice,etc….especially of A116…!Because It is hard to believe it would be priced this much low looking at its specs….! On android sale…it is showing well above 25000 if calculated in Indian rupees though status is out of stock now…!

  5. Hi Gogi,

    Any update regarding Umi x2 ? or did you receive any email regarding its launch?
    Anxiously waiting for this phone.
    Please reply

  6. I wish to buy umi x1 from India only take pre order at 10499 but from aliexpress it is available to ship at 185 usd ( ~10300 rupees) but will they ship real phone or do they provide shipping to India for free?

    1. Aliexpress ships to india via DHL… be sure you are in one of the accessible cities … else be prepared to pay more to them

  7. UMI X2 is Fine but what about Oppo Find 5 it is beast of a phone, where can I buy 1, please help…………

      1. aliexpress is the only means of delivery ( major cities and towns in india ) if you want to procure this phone.. but its a tard too costly for a chinese piece . remember seeing it in the iphone5 pricing bracket …

  8. I don’t think so is genuine… if they’re official, then why will they post leaked umi x2 pictures that’s available in Gogi, your thoughts? Enlighten us, please! This product lust will make us losers.

        1. is genuine site alrite ! they are powered by the low cost shopping portal setup company called with whom you can pay 1500 INR / month to sell products and accept payments and use a crap templated website…

          the leaked pic is just part of marketing ! The timelines mentioned in other chinese portal cite that the Umi X2 is available only by the month of April, which i think is a fair deal ! and as usual shipping will commence for china first and other markets follow.

    1. Mr. Babu,

      Indian Customers cannot read chinese, thats the reason why an “english” link was displayed on facebook page, if you can read chinese, the original post is on our chinese website regards

      India Head

      1. The RIL ( Radio Interface Layer ) or Radio Modem will always be part of the Mediatek 6589 SOC and support is available for 900 Mhz band in the SOC.. MMX 116 uses the same and they do 900 Mhz.. maybe they have not mentioned the 900 mhz in the specs at the sites u mentioned or it could be a typo.. and there is nothing like GSM 800 which i know of !
        the only 800 Mhz network which existed was the AMPS or the Analog Mobile in USA, which was scrapped long back…
        Only T-GSM .. but thats 810 and not used … anyways for sure your 3G will work as 2100 is supported … so Relax !!!!

    1. As per the Facebook page and their official site, it will also support GSM900.

      Gogi, can u pls get the confirmation from UMI or from Ajay Rao??????

  9. MMX Quadcore is manufactured in China, and we know the factory and its quality, at present they are just booking and not sure of delivery , hence we are waiting once they give a price in retail market, we will offer 2000-3000 less with higher specs, as all Quadcore mobiles in India/China will be in range of 5500 INR in 3 months !!!!-umimobile official statement on their facebook page

  10. F***kkk this Chinese new year..its testing the patience of ppl who are direly in need of a good mobile!

  11. Hi Mr. Gogi,
    Should we go for phones from zopo, umi or some other china brands…what about their after sales services?
    What about SAR values?
    Please reply to my question…and is X2 coming with a pricetag around 13k….??

  12. hey Gogi in facebook umiindia page said x2 will start sale from 14th feb %) either news is fake or the page.

    1. gharpay doesnt offer COD ..check their site…..they take cash in advance….and deliver to the company …thats it…product ll be delivered by the company after recieving cash thro courier….

  13. gogibhai
    any news from jiayu or umi about release date
    waiting anxiously
    pls reply as u may have got some news from them

  14. Friends those who are interested in umi x1 , i heard that it had some gps problems. I don’t know whether it has been resolved? , verify it before placing ur order.

    gps problem has been mentioned on the above link.

    on placing orders for umi or jiayu, my opinion will be to wait till they officially launch,and till we get review from gogi or some other reputed tech site.

  15. Gogibhai its better to wait till 10th march to get everything clear about all quadcore devices and all other tec.spec. Of all the upcoming models.
    Buyers should wait and should not buy the dual cores don’t u think.

  16. The offer looks very tempting, but how can we believe those sellers? The website is not complete, they’ve two Facebook pages (both claiming we’re official). What do you say gogi? Scam? I’m not ordering until you say, we trust your review and opinion.

    1. Sbabu, wait for until end of Feb as its Chinese new year and you will not see much updates happening.

  17. Thanks to Gogi sir for advise of waiting.
    ,sabra ka fal mitha hota hai, but socha nahi tha itna mitha hoga,
    Friends , till february end we have more options of quad core wid 2gb ram, n price also 10 to 12 k.
    But dont hurry friends , only wait for couple of more days. N we will have more options to choose, and also hands on review of our great Gogi sir. Dont buy before review of Gogi sir.

  18. Gogi ji, I want to buy umi x2. On their unofficial Facebook page pre-online booking will start soon. Will it be safe to pre-order or not? Should I wait for retail shopping? plz help…

  19. Gogi/People
    Please keep this thread alive with any info that you get.
    Possibly this gogi’s article can save our hard earned money.
    So Kindly keep this upgraded UMI X2 is creating a looot of buzz.
    Everyone is waiting to buy it.

    Also please if anyone can contact UMI in china please do so through email or phone. Gogi this would be a great help.

  20. Todays Fight*
    Meanwhile UMI X1 PRICE 10499 VS A 110 PRICE 11500 INR
    UMI X2 PRICE 13300 VS A 116 PRICE 15000 RS. {umi price including shipping charges 500rs.} GUESS WHO IS WON?

  21. All guys waiting for umi x2 bcause it makes other indian manufactures haunted there are too much talking abt scam lets see only time and truth is won in the end by the way handset looks too much pretty and build quality looks solid this guys are talking high spec chinese phone when it is avilable in india they talking abt scam angel pad balabalaz what do you think one company opened wt 8 or 10 days provide you service station in all over india in short time 8 to 10 days .

    1. Ajay we all know that company can’t be setup in shorter days but its hell more than 2weeks and website got front page why?why only one number ?why no response to any of people’s email that they sent to them? There are so many why so better wait n watch ,we all want umi bt situations like that are not favoring till yet

  22. Gogi prebooking for x1 started ,what do u think are they genuine?i mean as i’ve stated in my previous comment only 1helpline no,email that dont respond and website thats incomplete(front page only) what do u think?another angelpad :D?

  23. Website got front page only,emails dont respond and only one number for helpline :S careful guys it can be a scam too just like angel pad

      1. They have started taking prebookings for umi x1 @9999 500 for shipping and they said umi x2 will be launched on 24feb 😀 lets c

  24. The prebooking will starting on 15feb and devices will start shipping on march, u got 3months replacement warranty with 1year std. Warranty

  25. Want a small sized phone primarily for gaming. Get Lava xolo x500 with powerVR SGX 540 with hvga resolution. This combination will give good fps in nenamark2. Also 540 is much better than mali 400. This phone has antutu benchmark of >12300. Search google for safaricom yolo to check yourself as yolo is also based on intel reference design.

  26. Gogi u say its a named and known brand in china ‘umi’….i searched google to know the standards,repute this brand name has..disgusting of all, at least they dont even have an official website of their own brand…i seriously doubt their quality of their product! wat do u say,how shud one understand this?

  27. I don’t believe this x2 price under Rs.12,000 it’s come India it’s price under the Rs.20,000 dont dream for umi x2 its competition with Samsung Galaxy S IV and Sony Xeria Z Short Description
    – 1.5GHz Quad-core processor, – 4.7 inch FHD screen, 1920*1080 pixel display, – 12MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, – Android 4.1 OS Battery: Built-in Li-on battery, mAh.

    1. Its confirmed umi europe facebook page 5 inch there are so many sites confirmed that including gizmochina android sales confirmed that umi,zopo,jiyagu,xiomi,oppo are top no.1 company and confirm one thing mediatek and qualcomm soc maker companies are also chinese and they make there product wt there own mindpower not rebranded like micromax A 110 canvas 2 produce by I MOBILE COMPANY MALASIA only logo MICROMAX Only pure rebranded ha ha ha…!

    2. Exactly … some online chinese resellers for international buyers set preorder price as 350 $. Its official price itself is 1499 yuan’s (240$). So what about shipping + profit + taxes. In any case it won’t be less than INR 18000-20000.

  28. Is X2 a dual sim mobile or single sim mobile????

    Nowhere it is mentioned in the official site that it is a dual sim mobile.

    Can anyone confirm this??????

  29. Complete features of umi x2 {1} 5 inch full hd 1920*1080 pixels 441 ppi wt gorilla glass 2 super scratch resistant ips lcd glass{2}3g speed hspa speed up to 42 mbps{3}quad core mediatek mt6589 soc wt power vr sgx544 gpu plays hi power 3d games {4}2 gb ram{5}android 4.1 jelly bean os {6}13 mp dual led flash full hd video captured and play back boast f2.0 aperture for sharper cristal clear night capture clear image commercial imported for sony 2 mp front facing hd camera{7}2500 mah battery {8}sensors: accelerometer,proximately,light and magnetometer{9}gprs & edge:yes class 12 {10}connectivity: bluetooth v.4.0,wifi,usb{11}audio system dolby mobile s sound {12} colours white and grey{13}32 gb inbuilt along wt micro sd card.

    1. Never … its a hot cake in china … they are not able to tackle the demand in china itself so impossible in INDIA but u can buy from Chinese resellers … beware of clones of m2.

  30. if anyone interested in x1 review, check this out… you’ll not be disappointed

    P.S. I remembered Gogi while reading it, neatly written.

  31. Gogi, talking about X-2, I seriously doubt it can record at 1080p. What do you say? I think, 720p videos can be recorded and you can play 1080p videos. Right?

  32. If im nt wrong.. @china mobiles Meizu M9 had serious issues like crashing evry nw & den.. Meizu is d only brand which sud be reconsidered be4 launching in India…

  33. Gogibhai any news from mr.roa I had mailed him about spec.but no response have u got any mail or other details?

  34. Micromax a116 or umi x2 which is good especially 4 gaming ?? Pls reply and after sale service 4 umi x2.

    1. if x2 comes with the specification shown already on diff.sites then surely x2 will win.But until both are realesed do not go to any conclusion.
      as mmx people are clever,they will never let 116 down,they will surely bring something new like large pricecut,greater speci.dont u think gogibhai.

    2. I think its definitely umi x2 since it has very good specs with 2gb ram..but still need confirmation from gogi since he has not done hands on review. so just wait until end of feb and also for the hands on review by gogi and lets check it..And about service, lets wait till there any news from techi guys of uni mobiles..

  35. Eagerly waiting for launch of umi x2 gogi sir when we make hardcore use of chinese handsets like zopo they get heated is this harmful?

  36. These are d 3 chinese phones we shud luk out for in Indian Markets…
    Jiayu G5, Umi X2, Xiaomi Mi3…

    1. Brands coming/already-in to India by March-April

      A) Zopo
      B) Umi X1 & X2
      C) Meizu MX Quadcore
      D) THL
      E) Neo Phablet
      F) Xiaomi
      G) Mogu

      All these brands will have offices in Nehru Place alone, as Chinese brands ONLY know this location as premier location for national Distribution.

      1. Regarding Indian brand pricing, i will give all of you an insight of quality & mobile phone business

        Take an example of Byond New Model B63

        India retail price is 9500 INR or 9000 INR equals approx 169 US( 53 INR:1 USD calc)

        Byond Purchase Price is 106 USD from Shenzhen Migotel Limited (check The model is absolutely copy of HTC One and the Shell & casing was discontinued by chinese in 2011. Migotel OEM price(with your logo) is 77 USD.

        Go figure !! All Indian brands are selling shit OEM stuff from Shenzhen and selling at hi price in India.

        The Chinese brands are much better as they are selling huge stock to chinese people also and they are the worlds largest consumer market, so one should purchase good brands like Xiaomi, Umi, Zopo,Meizu, give them some time they will setup in India.

        1. @china mobiles.. can u tell me ..when both the handsets ..will be available in india ..??? will their prices will be more compare to china itself .??? wat bout after sale service .?? hmm..

  37. Its a full hd phone NO COMPARISION WT MMX CANVAS HD its copare wt htc butterfly price 43000,samsung galaxy note price 38000 rs oppo find 5 it is coming wt dolby streo sound its amazing and coming wt 32 gb internal memory this looks like umi x2 tiger eating micromax goat ha ha ha..,!